Mirror of GNU Guix
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Cyril Roelandt 8fda1b7970 Remove leftover patches. 7 years ago
build system: activate-ptrace-attach: Handle kernels without YAMA support. 7 years ago
packages Remove leftover patches. 7 years ago
services services: dhcp-client: Better track dhclient's PID. 7 years ago
system install: Have several OS config templates under /etc/configuration. 7 years ago
artwork.scm artwork: Update to latest version. 7 years ago
packages.scm packages: Allow package lookups with version prefixes. 7 years ago
services.scm services: Add 'auto-start?' field to <service>. 8 years ago
system.scm system: Use "." instead of "source" in /etc/profile. 7 years ago