Mirror of GNU Guix
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Ludovic Courtès 041b340da4
store: Add 'with-build-handler'.
2 years ago
bootloader bootloader: grub: Refactor eye-candy a bit. 2 years ago
build build: file-systems: Do not warn about file system check for NFS. 2 years ago
installer installer: Fix cow-store umount. 2 years ago
machine Update e-mail address for Jakob L. Kreuze. 2 years ago
packages gnu: python-bleach: Update to 3.1.3 (fixes CVE-2020-6816). 2 years ago
services services: Add fontconfig-file-system-service. 2 years ago
system gnu: system: Remove guile-wm from skeleton. 2 years ago
tests tests: install: Abort when one installation step fails. 2 years ago
artwork.scm artwork: Update snapshot to 2f2fe74. 3 years ago
bootloader.scm system: Add 'bootloader-menu-entries' field to <boot-parameters>. 2 years ago
ci.scm maint: Add 'etc/release-manifest.scm'. 2 years ago
installer.scm installer: Use a Guile-Newt snapshot that supports 'form-watch-fd'. 2 years ago
local.mk gnu: blktrace: Update to db4f634. 2 years ago
machine.scm Update e-mail address for Jakob L. Kreuze. 2 years ago
packages.scm packages: Prevent inlining of 'find-best-packages-by-name'. 2 years ago
services.scm services: Add 'provenance-service-type'. 2 years ago
system.scm gnu: system: Export %sudoers-specification. 2 years ago
tests.scm tests: Add <system-test> gexp compiler. 2 years ago