Mirror of GNU Guix
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Ludovic Courtès 13870bbe44
news: Add 'fr' translation.
2 years ago
completion bash completion: Complete sub-commands after 'guix time-machine'. 2 years ago
git maint: Adjust comment in 'pre-push' hook. 2 years ago
init.d Add system start-up files for guix-daemon. 2 years ago
snippets Add (guix bzr-download). 3 years ago
substitutes etc: Remove hydra.gnu.org.pub key. 3 years ago
committer.scm.in etc: Add committer script. 2 years ago
copyright.el etc: Add copyright. 3 years ago
gnu-store.mount.in etc: Add a systemd unit to bind-mount @storedir@ read-only. 2 years ago
guix-daemon.cil.in etc: Remove references to libexec/guix* from SELinux policy. 3 years ago
guix-daemon.conf.in build: Binary tarball now populates the "current-guix" profile. 4 years ago
guix-daemon.service.in etc: guix-daemon.service.in: Fix GUIX_LOCPATH quoting. 3 years ago
guix-install.sh guix-install.sh: Fix ‘systemctl not found’ error message at probe. 2 years ago
guix-publish.conf.in build: Binary tarball now populates the "current-guix" profile. 4 years ago
guix-publish.service.in etc: Fix GUIX_LOCPATH quoting in 'guix-publish.service' file. 3 years ago
indent-code.el etc: indent-code.el: Use the --quick option. 2 years ago
news.scm news: Add 'fr' translation. 2 years ago
release-manifest.scm Merge branch 'master' into core-updates 2 years ago
system-tests.scm tests: Use the same source as ci.guix.gnu.org. 2 years ago