Mirror of GNU Guix
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Arun Isaac dbcd787656
gnu: phockup: Update to 1.9.0.
3 weeks ago
bootloader image: Add support for 32bit UEFI. 2 months ago
build gnu: modifying make-chromium-extension to rely on node-crx3. 4 weeks ago
home home: services: environment-variables: Double-quote values. 1 month ago
installer Revert "installer: user: Remove useless filtering." 3 months ago
machine initrd: Use non-hyphenated kernel command-line parameter names. 6 months ago
packages gnu: phockup: Update to 1.9.0. 3 weeks ago
services services: tor: Switch to 'least-authority-wrapper'. 1 month ago
system image: Raise an error when an image lacks a bootable partition. 2 months ago
tests gnu: tests: Fix guix-data-service test. 1 month ago
artwork.scm artwork: Update snapshot to 2f2fe74. 3 years ago
bootloader.scm gnu: system: Improve location of some configuration warnings. 9 months ago
ci.scm Move (gnu platform) and (gnu platforms ...) to guix/. 3 months ago
home.scm Revert "home: Add 'home-generation-base'." 1 month ago
image.scm image: Add sanitizers for 'format' and 'partition-table-type'. 2 months ago
installer.scm installer: Use system-wide guix for system init. 7 months ago
local.mk gnu: PHP: Fix test failure with newer cURL. 4 weeks ago
machine.scm gnu: Fix typo. 6 months ago
packages.scm packages: Use SRFI-71 instead of SRFI-11. 2 months ago
services.scm gnu: services: Update setuid service description. 3 months ago
system.scm gnu: system: Add fusermount3 to setuid-programs. 1 month ago
tests.scm services: Add more description fields. 3 months ago