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;; This file, which is best viewed as -*- Scheme -*-, lists the OpenPGP keys
;; currently authorized to sign commits in this repository.
(version 0)
(("AD17 A21E F8AE D8F1 CC02 DBD9 F7D5 C9BF 765C 61E3"
(name "andreas"))
("4FB9 9F49 2B12 A365 7997 E664 8246 0C08 2A0E E98F"
(name "alezost"))
("50F3 3E2E 5B0C 3D90 0424 ABE8 9BDC F497 A4BB CC7F"
(name "ambrevar"))
("27D5 86A4 F890 0854 329F F09F 1260 E464 82E6 3562"
(name "apteryx"))
("7F73 0343 F2F0 9F3C 77BF 79D3 2E25 EE8B 6180 2BB3"
(name "arunisaac"))
(;; primary: "34FF 38BC D151 25A6 E340 A0B5 3453 2F9F AFCA 8B8E"
"A3A4 B419 0074 087C A7DE 5698 BC45 CA67 E2F8 D007"
(name "bavier"))
(;; primary: "8929 BBC5 73CD 9206 3DDD 979D 3D36 CAA0 116F 0F99"
"1C9B F005 1A1A 6A44 5257 599A A949 03A1 66A1 8FAE"
(name "bricewge"))
(;; primary: "0401 7A2A 6D9A 0CCD C81D 8EC2 96AB 007F 1A7E D999"
"09CD D25B 5244 A376 78F6 EEA8 0CC5 2153 1979 91A5"
(name "carl"))
("3E89 EEE7 458E 720D 9754 E0B2 5E28 A33B 0B84 F577"
(name "cbaines"))
("3CE4 6455 8A84 FDC6 9DB4 0CFB 090B 1199 3D9A EBB5"
(name "civodul"))
("510A 8628 E2A7 7678 8F8C 709C 4BC0 2592 5FF8 F4D3"
(name "cwebber"))
(;; primary: "295A F991 6F46 F8A1 34B0 29DA 8086 3842 F0FE D83B"
"76CE C6B1 7274 B465 C02D B3D9 E71A 3554 2C30 BAA5"
(name "dannym"))
("B3C0 DB4D AD73 BA5D 285E 19AE 5143 0234 CEFD 87C3"
(name "davexunit"))
("8CCB A7F5 52B9 CBEA E1FB 2915 8328 C747 0FF1 D807" ;FIXME: to be confirmed!
(name "davexunit (2nd)"))
("A28B F40C 3E55 1372 662D 14F7 41AA E7DC CA3D 8351"
(name "efraim"))
(;; primary: "2453 02B1 BAB1 F867 FDCA 96BC 8F3F 861F 82EB 7A9A"
"CBC5 9C66 EC27 B971 7940 6B3E 6BE8 208A DF21 FE3F"
(name "glv"))
("2219 43F4 9E9F 276F 9499 3382 BF28 6CB6 593E 5FFD"
(name "hoebjo"))
("B943 509D 633E 80DD 27FC 4EED 634A 8DFF D3F6 31DF"
(name "htgoebel"))
(;; primary: "66A5 6D9C 9A98 BE7F 719A B401 2652 5665 AE72 7D37"
"0325 78A6 8298 94E7 2AA2 66F5 D415 BF25 3B51 5976"
(name "iyzsong"))
("1A85 8392 E331 EAFD B8C2 7FFB F3C1 A0D9 C1D6 5273"
(name "janneke"))
(;; primary: "1BA4 08C5 8BF2 0EA7 3179 635A 865D C0A3 DED9 B5D0"
"E31D 9DDE EBA5 4A14 8A20 4550 DA45 97F9 47B4 1025"
(name "jlicht"))
("8141 6036 E81A 5CF7 8F80 1071 ECFC 8398 8B4E 4B9F"
(name "jonsger"))
("017D 74E2 7F58 5696 3801 781D F663 943E 08D8 092A"
(name "lbraun"))
("CA4F 8CF4 37D7 478F DA05 5FD4 4213 7701 1A37 8446"
(name "lbraun (professional)"))
("ACC2 3BA0 59F7 CCF4 08F0 43AD 442A 84B8 C70E 2F87"
(name "lilyp"))
(;; primary: "4F71 6F9A 8FA2 C80E F1B5 E1BA 5E35 F231 DE1A C5E0"
"B051 5948 F1E7 D3C1 B980 38A0 2646 FA30 BACA 7F08"
(name "lfam"))
("CBF5 9755 CBE7 E7EF EF18 3FB1 DD40 9A15 D822 469D"
(name "marusich"))
("BBB0 2DDF 2CEA F6A8 0D1D E643 A2A0 6DF2 A33A 54FA"
(name "mbakke"))
("D919 0965 CE03 199E AF28 B3BE 7CEF 2984 7562 C516"
(name "mhw"))
("B845 5B7F FAD5 E8E9 5DEF 4296 637B 0B13 8065 B68A"
(name "monego"))
("4008 6A7E 0252 9B60 31FB 8607 8354 7635 3176 9CA6"
(name "mothacehe"))
(;; primary: "F5BC 5534 C36F 0087 B39D 36EF 1C9D C4FE B9DB 7C4B"
"F5DA 2032 4B87 3D0B 7A38 7672 0DB0 FF88 4F55 6D79"
(name "nckx"))
("E576 BFB2 CF6E B13D F571 33B9 E315 A758 4613 1564"
(name "niedzejkob"))
("ED0E F1C8 E126 BA83 1B48 5FE9 DA00 B4F0 48E9 2F2D"
(name "ngz"))
("CEF4 CB91 4856 BA38 0A20 A7E2 3008 88CB 39C6 3817"
(name "pelzflorian"))
(;; primary: "41CA 12EA DE0C F33F 6885 A58F 5719 6E37 E00B 77FD"
"72D5 3D81 8CB6 F4A1 7258 374C A8FC 9E44 7F4F 7D54"
(name "planglois"))
(;; primary: "B68B DF22 73F9 DA0E 63C1 8A32 515B F416 9242 D600"
"C699 ED09 E51B CE89 FD1D A078 AAC7 E891 896B 568A"
(name "pgarlick"))
("CD2D 5EAA A98C CB37 DA91 D6B0 5F58 1664 7F8B E551"
(name "raghavgururajan"))
("BCA6 89B6 3655 3801 C3C6 2150 197A 5888 235F ACAC"
(name "rekado"))
(;; From commit cc51c03ff867d4633505354819c6d88af88bf919 (March 2020).
;; See <https://lists.gnu.org/archive/html/guix-devel/2020-03/msg00070.html>.
"F556 FD94 FB8F 8B87 79E3 6832 CBD0 CD51 38C1 9AFC"
(name "roelj"))
(;; From commit 2cbede5935eb6a40173bbdf30a9ad22bf7574c22 (Jan. 2020). See
;; <https://lists.gnu.org/archive/html/guix-devel/2020-01/msg00499.html>.
"1EFB 0909 1F17 D28C CBF9 B13A 53D4 57B2 D636 EE82"
(name "roptat"))
(;; primary: "D6B0 C593 DA8C 5EDC A44C 7A58 C336 91F7 1188 B004"
"A02C 2D82 0EF4 B25B A6B5 1D90 2AC6 A5EC 1C35 7C59"
(name "samplet"))
("F494 72F4 7A59 00D5 C235 F212 89F9 6D48 08F3 59C7"
(name "snape"))
("6580 7361 3BFC C5C7 E2E4 5D45 DC51 8FC8 7F97 16AA"
(name "vagrantc"))
(;; primary: "C955 CC5D C048 7FB1 7966 40A9 199A F6A3 67E9 4ABB"
"7238 7123 8EAC EB63 4548 5857 167F 8EA5 001A FA9C"
(name "wigust"))))