9 Commits (b930f0ba2115f71c323d4bf3d72efb763f716296)

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Ludovic Courtès 81c580c866
daemon: Make 'profiles/per-user' non-world-writable. 3 years ago
Ludovic Courtès f6919ebdc6
daemon: Run 'guix substitute' directly and assume a single substituter. 3 years ago
Ludovic Courtès 602a148650
daemon: Remove unused schema upgrade code. 4 years ago
Eelco Dolstra b1fd0ab734
daemon: Improve the SQLite wrapper API. 6 years ago
Eelco Dolstra 7bed5d91de
daemon: Factor out SQLite handling. 6 years ago
Ludovic Courtès 54c260e6ec Merge branch 'nix'.