17 Commits (ad063289276c1a201ab88a1ff0d287b07e49b5c2)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Tobias Geerinckx-Rice c4ccf2db62
gnu: lirc: Use HTTPS home page. 1 year ago
Ludovic Courtès b0e7b6992f
gnu: Remove ".git" from "https://github/…/….git". 1 year ago
Vagrant Cascadian 4ecb544a6d
gnu: lirc: Fix grammar of "allows to translate" to "translates". 1 year ago
Efraim Flashner 36a4366d79
gnu: Fix descriptions to not use quotes. 3 years ago
Ricardo Wurmus 4c523c4535
gnu: python-lirc: Update to 1.2.1-2.c28708b. 3 years ago
Ricardo Wurmus 44d10b1f72
gnu: Separate Python core packages from the rest. 3 years ago
Ludovic Courtès c324ad52b6
gnu: lirc: Build reproducibly. 3 years ago
Alex Kost 41342e89ff
gnu: lirc: Update to 0.10.1. 4 years ago
Tobias Geerinckx-Rice 794cced614
gnu: lirc: Fix building on Ubuntu. 4 years ago
Hartmut Goebel f3b98f4fec
gnu: Remove python-setuptools and python2-setuptools from inputs (part 2) 5 years ago
Leo Famulari 5dee9186b4
gnu: python-lirc: Fix file-name. 5 years ago
Danny Milosavljevic 231313f76a
gnu: Add python-lirc. 5 years ago
Leo Famulari de67e92288
gnu: Update URLs for sourceforge.net. 5 years ago
Alex Kost a88825d965
gnu: lirc: Update to 0.9.4. 5 years ago
Alex Kost fc1adab148 gnu: packages: Use 'search-patches' everywhere. 6 years ago
Alex Kost 678932aa70 gnu: lirc: Update to 0.9.3. 6 years ago
Alex Kost e768277168 gnu: Add LIRC. 7 years ago