79 Commits (25ee4a474511162e3ad98e7ecb0d06cedf438b0f)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Tobias Geerinckx-Rice 25ee4a4745
gnu: autoconf: Use HTTPS home page. 2 years ago
  ng0 47956fa0c2
Correct name and email address for ng0. 2 years ago
  Efraim Flashner c71bbfcca9
gnu: autoconf-archive: Update to 2019.01.06. 3 years ago
  Mark H Weaver 95cc40a88a
gnu: autoconf@2.13: Use invoke. 3 years ago
  ng0 4a78fd4617
Correct name and Email for ng0. 3 years ago
  Mark H Weaver a33391bd1e
gnu: autoconf-wrapper: Return #t from the builder. 3 years ago
  Tobias Geerinckx-Rice 96b4f5adc2
gnu: autoconf-archive: Update to 2018.03.13. 3 years ago
  Ricardo Wurmus 2b4e556850
gnu: libtool: Add libltdl to native-inputs. 3 years ago
  Marius Bakke f74181d40f
gnu: automake: Update to 1.16.1. 3 years ago
  Ludovic Courtès 93f3b7762e
gnu: automake@1.16: Update to 1.16.1. 3 years ago
  Ludovic Courtès 464f544739
gnu: 'autoconf-wrapper' is no longer a procedure. 3 years ago
  Ludovic Courtès ecbea1bcb1
gnu: automake: Add 1.16. 3 years ago
  Tobias Geerinckx-Rice cc35533304
gnu: automake: Update to 1.16. 3 years ago
  Mathieu Lirzin bfe88e0c6e
gnu: Add 'pyconfigure'. 4 years ago
  ng0 c146314566
Update email address for ng0. 4 years ago
  Efraim Flashner 8c88e0ba8c
gnu: libltdl: Use 'modify-phases'. 4 years ago
  Efraim Flashner 01c7193e0b
gnu: automake: Update to 1.15.1. 4 years ago
  Efraim Flashner 759807e872
gnu: automake: Use 'modify-phases'. 4 years ago
  Efraim Flashner 08d97842e1
gnu: autoconf-archive: Update to 2017.09.28. 4 years ago
  Ludovic Courtès 706448b193
gnu: automake: Add 1.15.1. 4 years ago
  Mark H Weaver fe18e2571c
gnu: Add autoconf@2.13. 4 years ago
  Tobias Geerinckx-Rice 6fd52309b8
gnu: Use HTTPS for almost all gnu.org HOME-PAGEs. 4 years ago
  Efraim Flashner aeb6fe5fa0
gnu: autoconf-archive: Update to 2017.03.21. 4 years ago
  Leo Famulari 92e779592d
gnu: libtool: Correct replacement shebang. 5 years ago
  Leo Famulari 78c172a56e
gnu: libtool: Make sure all phases return a successful value. 5 years ago
  Leo Famulari c5862bda95
gnu: libtool: Don't replace 'sh' reference with 'bash'. 5 years ago
  ng0 98341757c8
gnu: libtool: Restore ltmain.sh shebang. 5 years ago
  ng0 dc70626d26
gnu: libtool: Use 'modify-phases'. 5 years ago
  Efraim Flashner 0bb9461506
gnu: autoconf-archive: Update to 2016.09.16. 5 years ago
  Mark H Weaver 0832787e5c
Revert "Merge branch 'core-updates'" 5 years ago
  Ludovic Courtès 455859a50f
Merge branch 'core-updates' 5 years ago
  Ludovic Courtès 28206a8ebf
gnu: automake: Adjust test to ignore new gzip warnings. 5 years ago
  David Thompson 6b0686fa93 gnu: Add autoconf-archive. 5 years ago
  Alex Kost fc1adab148 gnu: packages: Use 'search-patches' everywhere. 5 years ago
  Ludovic Courtès 89b48232f8 gnu: automake: Adjust to deal with Perl 5.22. 6 years ago
  Mathieu Lirzin 2b00a55064 gnu: Add autobuild. 6 years ago
  Ludovic Courtès 0004c5904c packages: Make 'location' field innate. 6 years ago
  Ludovic Courtès ef593a103d gnu: libltdl: Remove unneeded patch. 6 years ago
  Ludovic Courtès 3314f8a7b6 gnu: libtool: Leave out the test suite workarounds. 6 years ago
  Mark H Weaver 192c6f966f gnu: libtool and libltdl: Update to 2.4.6. 7 years ago
  Ludovic Courtès a101c891e1 gnu: libtool: Update to 2.4.5. 7 years ago
  Mark H Weaver 62c155c0bc gnu: libtool: Add m4 to propagated-inputs. 7 years ago
  Ludovic Courtès 3246cc9185 gnu: Make libtool and libltdl completely separate. 7 years ago
  Ludovic Courtès c154e1ea81 gnu: libtool: Update to 2.4.4. 7 years ago
  Ludovic Courtès 3cbb3f9c55 gnu: libtool: Add libltdl as a separate package. 7 years ago
  Ludovic Courtès 5d65ad80b5 gnu: libtool: Use 'parallel-job-count' to get the argument for '-j'. 7 years ago
  Ludovic Courtès aebb05b095 gnu: automake: Update to 1.15. 7 years ago
  Ludovic Courtès ffc200d7e0 gnu: libtool-2.4.4: Disable tests on MIPS. 7 years ago
  Ludovic Courtès e13f715be0 gnu: libtool: Add 2.4.4. 7 years ago
  Ludovic Courtès af07095516 packages: Add 'file-type' field to 'search-path-specification'. 7 years ago