5337 Commits (2178ed66f7ae8f793078c7e392af4bf1fb472968)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Ludovic Courtès 2178ed66f7 build: Reject or warn against file name length limit overruns. 7 years ago
  Ludovic Courtès 43da8f018d build: Disable grafting in sanity checks. 7 years ago
  Ricardo Wurmus 9ffee4571c gnu: Add TiMidity++. 7 years ago
  Ricardo Wurmus 7c92efffe6 gnu: Add Freepats. 7 years ago
  Ricardo Wurmus 8d422e258b gnu: Add Stow. 7 years ago
  Ricardo Wurmus fb0832037f gnu: Add Test::Output. 7 years ago
  Ricardo Wurmus 61593ab3d6 gnu: Add Sub::Exporter. 7 years ago
  Ricardo Wurmus 1420576458 gnu: Add Data::OptList. 7 years ago
  Ricardo Wurmus 6f38dce749 gnu: Add Capture::Tiny. 7 years ago
  Ricardo Wurmus 8ba06a38c1 gnu: Add Params::Util. 7 years ago
  Ricardo Wurmus aeccd1bda2 gnu: Add Sub::Install. 7 years ago
  Ricardo Wurmus 7ad608e49d gnu: Add Xournal. 7 years ago
  Andreas Enge 6d5e7ef3ae licenses: Add IPA Font License. 7 years ago
  Ludovic Courtès 31567c4274 Thank Daniel. 7 years ago
  Ludovic Courtès b69c5c2ced tests: Skip tests that would fail due to the shebang length. 7 years ago
  Ludovic Courtès 12d720fd1a tests: Factorize the network reachability test. 7 years ago
  Jason Self 49685cae2b gnu: ffmpeg-2.2: Update to 2.2.13 7 years ago
  Jason Self 30aa3d5a03 gnu: ffmpeg: Update to 2.5.4 7 years ago
  Taylan Ulrich Bayırlı/Kammer 531a9aac6d gnu: Add CCL. 7 years ago
  Taylan Ulrich Bayırlı/Kammer 927b6728f0 gnu: Add wxwidgets. 7 years ago
  Andreas Enge 89b5c60ef9 gnu: python2-oauthlib: Drop inherited fields. 7 years ago
  Ricardo Wurmus bccf27cb3b gnu: i2c-tools: Add perl to inputs. 7 years ago
  Ricardo Wurmus f5b2a53dab gnu: Add i2c-tools. 7 years ago
  Taylan Ulrich Bayırlı/Kammer 27f76fe6aa gnu: Add libmspack. 7 years ago
  Taylan Ulrich Bayırlı/Kammer 9002e17c5a gnu: vamp: Delete broken files from output. 7 years ago
  Andreas Enge 8cc91fa041 gnu: Add weex. 7 years ago
  Mark H Weaver 94c4300720 gnu: isc-dhcp: Add inetutils to inputs. 7 years ago
  Andreas Enge a34816ef6e gnu: chmlib: Patch for compilation on mips. 7 years ago
  Eric Bavier cc9b70d3ea import: cpan: Update tests for dependency handling. 7 years ago
  Mark H Weaver 431b28d9dc import: cpan: Change %corelist into a promise. 7 years ago
  Ricardo Wurmus 2f4646b6f6 gnu: Add jalv. 7 years ago
  Ricardo Wurmus ff7df27d4b gnu: lilv: propagate inputs serd, sord and sratom. 7 years ago
  Ricardo Wurmus 85652f599a gnu: Add HTSeq. 7 years ago
  Ricardo Wurmus 5eb86b64d1 gnu: Add libyaml. 7 years ago
  Andreas Enge f78c66aacc gnu: pari-gp: Update to 2.7.3. 7 years ago
  Ricardo Wurmus 865a69ddc8 gnu: Add arpack-ng. 7 years ago
  Ricardo Wurmus f18f8b7383 gnu: python-scipy: install UTF-8 locale. 7 years ago
  Ricardo Wurmus 6754032f0c gnu: matplotlib: install UTF-8 locale. 7 years ago
  Andreas Enge 76aae0f96f Add David Hashe to 'AUTHORS'. 7 years ago
  Taylan Ulrich Bayırlı/Kammer 66cc3ab218 gnu: Add exim. 7 years ago
  David Hashe fc936b65d3 gnu: Add gnugo. 7 years ago
  Ricardo Wurmus 9953fa7602 gnu: Add Ant. 7 years ago
  Ricardo Wurmus 8622a07280 gnu: Add RSeQC. 7 years ago
  Mark H Weaver 04dec194d8 download: Handle HTTP redirects to relative URI references. 7 years ago
  Eric Bavier e92a4ad928 import: cpan: Use cpan mirror url. 7 years ago
  Eric Bavier a0c2c4b45b import: cpan: Sort inputs. 7 years ago
  Eric Bavier 2491d58962 import: cpan: Adjust licenses. 7 years ago
  Eric Bavier 66392e475d import: cpan: Use corelist to filter dependencies. 7 years ago
  Eric Bavier f8e366230d guix: licenses: Add Artistic 2.0 license. 7 years ago
  Eric Bavier 2d2a53fc24 build-system/perl: Use Build.PL for builds if present. 7 years ago