64326 Commits (0b5960df47a288a688dfac8e48eb9281d09449dc)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Brett Gilio 0b5960df47
gnu: polyml: Update to 5.8.1. 11 months ago
  Mark H Weaver 8570fe3b60
gnu: linux-libre: Update to 5.4.53. 11 months ago
  Mark H Weaver 1c97d12bdb
gnu: linux-libre@5.7: Update to 5.7.10. 11 months ago
  Mark H Weaver 5d24e8735e
gnu: linux-libre@4.19: Update to 4.19.134. 11 months ago
  Mark H Weaver ceaeae8f06
gnu: linux-libre@4.14: Update to 4.14.189. 11 months ago
  Mark H Weaver 19783b7420
gnu: linux-libre@4.9: Update to 4.9.231. 11 months ago
  Mark H Weaver 90ff53af56
gnu: linux-libre@4.4: Update to 4.4.231. 11 months ago
  Tobias Geerinckx-Rice dc4d01ac71
gnu: nsd: Update to 4.3.2. 11 months ago
  Tobias Geerinckx-Rice 08644a01e3
gnu: wla-dx: Update to 9.11. 11 months ago
  Tobias Geerinckx-Rice edef139138
gnu: sslh: Update to 1.21b. 11 months ago
  Tobias Geerinckx-Rice e957bab76f
gnu: ledger: Update to 3.2.1. 11 months ago
  Eric Bavier c4a9182e87
gnu: rdiff-backup: Update to 2.0.3. 11 months ago
  Marius Bakke 71c237bdc8
gnu: ungoogled-chromium: Enable all release optimizations. 11 months ago
  Marius Bakke 300b795520
gnu: Clang: Install the CFI blacklist. 11 months ago
  Marius Bakke 66c3a35b1b
gnu: ungoogled-chromium: Add VA-API fix for some Intel systems. 11 months ago
  Arun Isaac eb404f30ad
gnu: Add font-catamaran. 11 months ago
  Jesse Gibbons c984b70ccb
gnu: jupyter-guile-kernel: Update to f25fb90 and build with Guile 3. 11 months ago
  Jesse Gibbons 3a27a3dc8f
gnu: guix-jupyter: Correct kernel search location. 11 months ago
  Ludovic Courtès 8e31736b0a
guix system: 'reconfigure' disallows downgrades by default. 11 months ago
  Ludovic Courtès a620c9d51d
git: 'update-cached-checkout' has a new #:check-out? parameter. 11 months ago
  Ludovic Courtès 1c058c382a
git: Factorize 'resolve-reference'. 11 months ago
  Ludovic Courtès 9e0d896bf3
doc: Tweak mcron example. 11 months ago
  Ludovic Courtès 63c799c1c5
doc: Recommend running 'guix git authenticate' when cloning the repo. 11 months ago
  Eric Bavier 2f648809e3
gnu: quadrapassel: Update to 3.36.02. 11 months ago
  Tobias Geerinckx-Rice d29821c67b
gnu: sudo: Update to 1.9.2. 11 months ago
  Oleg Pykhalov 4656180d5d
services: nix: Fix sandbox. 11 months ago
  Oleg Pykhalov cc339cd98d
services: base: Export references-file. 11 months ago
  Andreas Enge 7dcf529673
arb: Update to 2.18.1. 11 months ago
  Andreas Enge e239135c56
gnu: gp2c: Update to 0.0.11pl4. 11 months ago
  Marius Bakke 7cce2a6bd4
Revert "gnu: patchelf: Update to 0.11." 11 months ago
  Michael Rohleder 20cc8f9487
gnu: patchelf: Update to 0.11. 11 months ago
  Kyle Meyer dbdfbec957
gnu: git-annex: Update to 8.20200720.1. 11 months ago
  Vinicius Monego 264070986f
gnu: Add chaiscript. 11 months ago
  Alexandros Theodotou 569959dd66
gnu: Add remid-lv2. 12 months ago
  B. Wilson f3130c6674
gnu: Add intel-xed. 1 year ago
  Vincent Legoll 737e9d5665
gnu: nsd: Update to 4.3.1. 1 year ago
  Marius Bakke cd9e977af2
gnu: twm: Update to 1.0.11. 11 months ago
  Marius Bakke 2195ad6bd7
gnu: libvnc: Update to 0.9.13. 11 months ago
  Marius Bakke 938f3190e7
services: ganeti: Fix erroneous gexp. 11 months ago
  Marius Bakke 94d8924728
gnu: OpenSC: Update to 0.20.0 [security fixes]. 11 months ago
  Marius Bakke debcb84ad1
gnu: xorg-server: Update to 1.20.8. 11 months ago
  Marius Bakke 81678e5ef7
gnu: bubblewrap: Build with Python 3. 11 months ago
  Brett Gilio d2e0b16c48
gnu: emacs-telega: Temporarily disable VOIP to work around issue. 11 months ago
  Brett Gilio d4b02a6fba
gnu: emacs-telega: Patch to use telega-server from Guix. 11 months ago
  Maxim Cournoyer 1a1369dc3d
gnu: Add emacs-qml-mode. 11 months ago
  Tanguy Le Carrour 0a93e8ce32
gnu: Add python-isbnlib. 11 months ago
  Tanguy Le Carrour 0c50cad238
gnu: Add python-mamba. 11 months ago
  Mike Rosset 85fcceeea1
gnu: g-golf: Update to git revision 804. 11 months ago
  Ludovic Courtès b3679394ec
git-authenticate: Show fingerprint in missing-key error message. 11 months ago
  Ludovic Courtès e5c0005956
lint: source: Always return a list. 11 months ago