57512 Commits (041b340da409078951267b6a8c43b27716e6b7ec)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Ludovic Courtès 041b340da4
store: Add 'with-build-handler'. 1 year ago
  Ludovic Courtès 9a067fe7ee
syscalls: 'with-file-lock' re-grabs lock when reentering its dynamic extent. 1 year ago
  Mathieu Othacehe 1550db6fd4
tests: install: Abort when one installation step fails. 1 year ago
  Efraim Flashner e64ea84392
gnu: python-bleach: Update to 3.1.3 (fixes CVE-2020-6816). 1 year ago
  Efraim Flashner 34bf3ed26b
gnu: Add python-block-tracing. 1 year ago
  Efraim Flashner 0a124c4615
gnu: Add python-privy. 1 year ago
  Efraim Flashner 0831063778
gnu: Add python-argon2-cffi. 1 year ago
  Efraim Flashner 24200bdf9d
gnu: Add python-userspacefs. 1 year ago
  Efraim Flashner 2eb09a5cfd
gnu: Add python-fusepyng. 1 year ago
  Efraim Flashner 9a684b4078
gnu: Add python-keyrings.alt. 1 year ago
  Efraim Flashner 10d3fbf051
gnu: edirect: Install more programs. 1 year ago
  Efraim Flashner 7d13a94215
gnu: Add edirect-go-programs. 1 year ago
  Efraim Flashner 073c64dc79
gnu: Add go-github-com-surgebase-porter2. 1 year ago
  Efraim Flashner 62cfb49159
gnu: Add go-github-com-surge-glog. 1 year ago
  Efraim Flashner 03baf02e6f
gnu: Add go-github-com-pbnjay-memory. 1 year ago
  Efraim Flashner cb38099839
gnu: Add go-github-com-klauspost-cpuid. 1 year ago
  Efraim Flashner 44b9e8fd8f
gnu: Add go-github-com-gedex-inflector. 1 year ago
  Efraim Flashner 40c86b39c3
gnu: Add go-github-com-fogleman-gg. 1 year ago
  Efraim Flashner ae863ccd63
gnu: Add go-github-com-golang-freetype. 1 year ago
  Efraim Flashner 3770bd6526
gnu: Add go-golang-org-rainycape-unidecode. 1 year ago
  Efraim Flashner 2573709cc9
gnu: Add go-golang-org-x-image. 1 year ago
  Efraim Flashner 405c0c947c
services: Add fontconfig-file-system-service. 1 year ago
  pinoaffe@airmail.cc 6f3475655a
gnu: cutter: Update to 1.10.1. 1 year ago
  pinoaffe@airmail.cc fcc10cb2cb
gnu: radare2: Update to 4.2.1. 1 year ago
  Damien Cassou f5e0634431
gnu: clipmenu: Improve the package definition 1 year ago
  Damien Cassou fb2709ef98
gnu: clipnotify: Comment on the lack of a test suite. 1 year ago
  Damien Cassou 08df188ea8
gnu: clipmenu: Re-indent. 1 year ago
  Ludovic Courtès e69b8bbae9
guix-install.sh: /etc/profile.d/guix.sh sources ~/.guix-profile/etc/profile. 1 year ago
  Ludovic Courtès 3c69701f97
guix-install.sh: Add a trailing colon to 'INFOPATH'. 1 year ago
  Ludovic Courtès 4a6ec23a97
download: Delete the output file upon failure. 1 year ago
  Alexandros Theodotou 70236bae9e
gnu: Add dragonfly-reverb 1 year ago
  Mark H Weaver ee4c927f33
gnu: linux-libre: Update to 5.4.27. 1 year ago
  Mark H Weaver 0d624f1fd8
gnu: linux-libre@4.19: Update to 4.19.112. 1 year ago
  Mark H Weaver f120eab056
gnu: linux-libre@4.14: Update to 4.14.174. 1 year ago
  Mark H Weaver 3e13d780b8
gnu: linux-libre@4.9: Update to 4.9.217. 1 year ago
  Mark H Weaver d1b3c6c746
gnu: linux-libre@4.4: Update to 4.4.217. 1 year ago
  John Soo 08c62ac7bd
gnu: ghc-stylish-haskell: Deprecate older duplicate package. 2 years ago
  John Soo 156b08bd2f
gnu: stylish-haskell: Update description. 2 years ago
  Wiktor Żelazny 3ac12ca61b
gnu: Add r-oai. 2 years ago
  Wiktor Żelazny 069554dc24
gnu: Add r-latex2exp. 2 years ago
  Wiktor Żelazny ae10511981
gnu: Add r-httpcode. 2 years ago
  wednesday 2e59a63b41
gnu: global: Add 'python-wrapper' as input. 2 years ago
  Marius Bakke 18401bdf69
Revert "gnu: Remove qemu-minimal@2.10." 1 year ago
  Tobias Geerinckx-Rice dde3f55156
gnu: gpgme: Fix build. 1 year ago
  Tobias Geerinckx-Rice b1ebda07cb
gnu: python-pygraphviz: Use HTTPS home page. 1 year ago
  Tobias Geerinckx-Rice d7ee58ccd2
gnu: python-tables: Use HTTPS home page. 1 year ago
  Tobias Geerinckx-Rice 02d1fd03ad
gnu: python-future: Use HTTPS home page. 1 year ago
  Tobias Geerinckx-Rice 20c604c54e
gnu: python-scrypt: Use HTTPS home page. 1 year ago
  Tobias Geerinckx-Rice e51b34bb90
gnu: python-scikit-learn: Use HTTPS home page. 1 year ago
  Tobias Geerinckx-Rice 26be188f35
gnu: python2-pyro: Use HTTPS home page. 1 year ago