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doc: Highlight Scheme syntax in the HTML output.

* doc/build.scm (syntax-highlighted-html): New procedure.
(html-manual): Use it.
Ludovic Courtès 3 years ago
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@ -34,6 +34,7 @@
(gnu packages gawk)
(gnu packages gettext)
(gnu packages guile)
(gnu packages guile-xyz)
(gnu packages iso-codes)
(gnu packages texinfo)
(gnu packages tex)
@ -164,6 +165,115 @@ as well as images, OS examples, and translations."
;; Options passed to 'makeinfo --html'.
(define* (syntax-highlighted-html input
(name "highlighted-syntax")
"Return a derivation called NAME that processes all the HTML files in INPUT
to (1) add them a link to SYNTAX-CSS-URL, and (2) highlight the syntax of all
its <pre class=\"lisp\"> blocks (as produced by 'makeinfo --html')."
(define build
(with-extensions (list guile-lib guile-syntax-highlight)
(with-imported-modules '((guix build utils))
(use-modules (htmlprag)
(syntax-highlight scheme)
(syntax-highlight lexers)
(guix build utils)
(ice-9 match)
(ice-9 threads))
(define entity->string
("rArr" "⇒")
("hellip" "…")
("rsquo" "’")
(e (pk 'unknown-entity e) (primitive-exit 2))))
(define (concatenate-snippets pieces)
;; Concatenate PIECES, which contains strings and entities,
;; replacing entities with their corresponding string.
(let loop ((pieces pieces)
(strings '()))
(match pieces
(string-concatenate-reverse strings))
(((? string? str) . rest)
(loop rest (cons str strings)))
((('*ENTITY* "additional" entity) . rest)
(loop rest (cons (entity->string entity) strings)))
((('span _ lst ...) . rest) ;for <span class="roman">
(loop (append lst rest) strings))
(pk 'unsupported-code-snippet something)
(primitive-exit 1)))))
(define (syntax-highlight sxml)
;; Recurse over SXML and syntax-highlight code snippets.
(match sxml
(('*TOP* decl body ...)
`(*TOP* ,decl ,@(map syntax-highlight body)))
(('head things ...)
`(head ,@things
(link (@ (rel "stylesheet")
(type "text/css")
(href #$syntax-css-url)))))
(('pre ('@ ('class "lisp")) code-snippet ...)
`(pre (@ (class "lisp"))
(highlight lex-scheme
(concatenate-snippets code-snippet)))))
((tag ('@ attributes ...) body ...)
`(,tag (@ ,@attributes) ,@(map syntax-highlight body)))
((tag body ...)
`(,tag ,@(map syntax-highlight body)))
((? string? str)
(define (process-html file)
;; Parse FILE and perform syntax highlighting for its Scheme
;; snippets. Install the result to #$output.
(format (current-error-port) "processing ~a...~%" file)
(let* ((shtml (call-with-input-file file html->shtml))
(highlighted (syntax-highlight shtml))
(base (string-drop file (string-length #$input)))
(target (string-append #$output base)))
(mkdir-p (dirname target))
(call-with-output-file target
(lambda (port)
(write-shtml-as-html highlighted port)))))
(define (copy-as-is file)
;; Copy FILE as is to #$output.
(let* ((base (string-drop file (string-length #$input)))
(target (string-append #$output base)))
(mkdir-p (dirname target))
(catch 'system-error
(lambda ()
(if (eq? 'symlink (stat:type (lstat file)))
(symlink (readlink file) target)
(link file target)))
(lambda args
(let ((errno (system-error-errno args)))
(pk 'error-link file target (strerror errno))
(primitive-exit 3))))))
;; Install a UTF-8 locale so we can process UTF-8 files.
(setenv "GUIX_LOCPATH"
#+(file-append glibc-utf8-locales "/lib/locale"))
(setlocale LC_ALL "en_US.utf8")
(n-par-for-each (parallel-job-count)
(lambda (file)
(if (string-suffix? ".html" file)
(process-html file)
(copy-as-is file)))
(find-files #$input))))))
(computed-file name build))
(define* (html-manual source #:key (languages %languages)
(version "0.0")
(manual "guix")
@ -242,7 +352,10 @@ makeinfo OPTIONS."
(computed-file (string-append manual "-html-manual") build))
(let* ((name (string-append manual "-html-manual"))
(manual (computed-file name build)))
(syntax-highlighted-html manual
#:name (string-append name "-highlighted"))))
(define* (pdf-manual source #:key (languages %languages)
(version "0.0")