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self: Use the new 'imported-files'.

That way, the source of most nodes is now a content-addressed store item
instead of a derivation.

* guix/self.scm (<file-mapping>): New record type.
(file-mapping-compiler): New procedure.
(scheme-node): Use 'file-mapping' instead of 'imported-files'.
(imported-files): Remove.
Ludovic Courtès 3 years ago
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@ -112,6 +112,27 @@ GUILE-VERSION (\"2.0\" or \"2.2\"), or #f if none of the packages matches."
(dependencies node-dependencies) ;list of nodes
(compiled node-compiled)) ;node -> lowerable object
;; File mappings are essentially an alist as passed to 'imported-files'.
(define-record-type <file-mapping>
(file-mapping name alist)
(name file-mapping-name)
(alist file-mapping-alist))
(define-gexp-compiler (file-mapping-compiler (mapping <file-mapping>)
system target)
;; Here we use 'imported-files', which can arrange to directly import all
;; the files instead of creating a derivation, when possible.
(imported-files (map (match-lambda
((destination (? local-file? file))
(cons destination
(local-file-absolute-file-name file)))
((destination source)
(cons destination source))) ;silliness
(file-mapping-alist mapping))
#:name (file-mapping-name mapping)
#:system system))
(define (node-fold proc init nodes)
(let loop ((nodes nodes)
(visited (setq))
@ -166,8 +187,8 @@ must be present in the search path."
(closure modules
(node-modules/recursive dependencies))))
(module-files (map module->import modules))
(source (imported-files (string-append name "-source")
(append module-files extra-files))))
(source (file-mapping (string-append name "-source")
(append module-files extra-files))))
(node name modules source dependencies
(compiled-modules name source
(map car module-files)
@ -766,38 +787,6 @@ assumed to be part of MODULES."
;;; Building.
(define (imported-files name files)
;; This is a non-monadic, simplified version of 'imported-files' from (guix
;; gexp).
(define same-target?
(((file1 . _) (file2 . _))
(string=? file1 file2))))
(define build
(with-imported-modules (source-module-closure
'((guix build utils)))
(use-modules (ice-9 match)
(guix build utils))
(mkdir (ungexp output)) (chdir (ungexp output))
(for-each (match-lambda
((final-path store-path)
(mkdir-p (dirname final-path))
;; Note: We need regular files to be regular files, not
;; symlinks, as this makes a difference for
;; 'add-to-store'.
(copy-file store-path final-path)))
'#$(delete-duplicates files same-target?)))))
;; We're just copying files around, no need to substitute or offload it.
(computed-file name build
#:options '(#:local-build? #t
#:substitutable? #f
#:env-vars (("COLUMNS" . "200")))))
(define* (compiled-modules name module-tree module-files
(dependencies '())