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Please send Guix bug reports to
* Changes in 0.9.0 (since 0.8.3)
** Package management
*** New ‘guix graph’ command, to draw package graphs
*** New ‘guix challenge’ command, to challenge the authenticity of binaries
*** ‘guix environment’ has a new ‘--container’ option
*** ‘guix substitute’ now honors all the specified substitute URLs
*** New ‘guix import cran’ command, to import R packages from CRAN
*** Package descriptions can now include Texinfo markup rendered on the fly
*** ‘guix package’ has a new ‘--install-from-file’ option
*** ‘guix package --search’ shows package outputs
*** ‘guix refresh’ can refresh selected non-GNU package definitions
*** The ‘--ad-hoc’ option of ‘guix environment’ is now positional
*** The ‘--exec’ option of ‘guix environment’ is deprecated; use ‘--’ instead
*** ‘guix build’ has a new ‘--file’ option
*** ‘guix build --log-file’ can now return URLs
*** ‘guix size’ now has a ‘--substitute-urls’ option and is much faster
*** New ‘guix lint’ checkers: ‘formatting’, ‘license’, ‘source-file-name’
*** Download progress report has been improved
*** Emacs shell-mode completions for ‘guix’ commands updated
*** Emacs: New ‘M-x guix’ popup interface
** Distribution
*** New extensible service composition API
The operating system service API in (gnu services) has been completely
rewritten, significantly improving extensibility and modularity, while
providing a framework that makes it easy to reason about service composition.
Consequently, several sources of redundancy and confusion in
‘operating-system’ declarations have been eliminated. See “Service
Composition” in the manual.
*** New ‘extension-graph’ and ‘dmd-graph’ sub-commands for ‘guix system’
*** New ‘container’ sub-command for ‘guix system’
*** New ‘guix container’ command, to deal with GuixSD containers
*** New ‘list-generations’ sub-command for ‘guix system’
*** ‘operating-system’ has a new ‘locale-libcs’ field
*** New services: ‘nginx-service’, ‘udisks-service’, ‘guix-publish-service’
*** ‘dbus-daemon’ now has proper support for lazy service activation
*** ‘wicd-service’ automatically adds Wicd to the system profile
*** ‘slim-service’ automatically adds xterm to the system profile
*** now provides substitutes for ‘armhf-linux’
*** /run/systemd is mounted as tmpfs by default, for use by elogind
*** ‘glibc’ package no longer contains Bash in its bin/ directory
*** libc now looks for locale data in a versioned sub-directory
*** libc honors the new ‘GUIX_LOCPATH’ environment variable
*** Xfce now defaults to the GNOME icon theme
** Programming interfaces
*** Rewritten (gnu services) module; (gnu services …) modules adjusted
*** New Emacs development tools, see “Development” in the manual
*** (guix gexp) provides the declarative ‘computed-file’, ‘program-file’, etc.
*** New (guix upstream) module, for generalized upstream release tracking
** Noteworthy bug fixes
*** Passwords in /etc/shadow are SHA512-hashed (
*** daemon: Require a signature for imports made by root
*** emacs: Fix guix-guile-program default value (
*** Compressed initrds no longer include timestamps
*** Fix handling of encrypted root partitions (
*** Python now includes tkinter (
*** Memoize the results of ‘package-with-python2’ (
*** Use the daemon's substitute URLs by default (
** Native language support
*** Updated translations: da
* Changes in 0.8.3 (since 0.8.2)
** Package management