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doc: Add a cooptation policy for commit access.

* doc/contributing.texi (Commit Access): Draft a cooptation policy.
Ludovic Courtès 2 years ago
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@cindex commit access, for developers
For frequent contributors, having write access to the repository is
convenient. When you deem it necessary, feel free to ask for it on the
mailing list. When you get commit access, please make sure to follow
convenient. When you deem it necessary, consider applying for commit
access by following these steps:
Find three committers who would vouch for you. You can view the list of
committers at
@url{}. Each
of them should email a statement to @email{} (a
private alias for the collective of maintainers), signed with their
OpenPGP key.
Committers are expected to have had some interactions with you as a
contributor and to be able to judge whether you are sufficiently
familiar with the project's practices. It is @emph{not} a judgment on
the value of your work, so a refusal should rather be interpreted as
``let's try again later''.
Send @email{} a message stating your intent,
listing the three committers who support your application, signed with
the OpenPGP key you will use to sign commits, and giving its fingerprint
(see below). See @uref{}, for an
introduction to public-key cryptography with GnuPG.
Maintainers ultimately decide whether to grant you commit access,
usually following your referrals' recommendation.
If and once you've been given access, please send a message to
@email{} to say so, again signed with the OpenPGP key
you will use to sign commits (do that before pushing your first commit).
That way, everyone can notice and ensure you control that OpenPGP key.
@c TODO: Add note about adding the fingerprint to the list of authorized
@c keys once that has stabilized.
Make sure to read the rest of this section and... profit!
@end enumerate
@quotation Note
Maintainers are happy to give commit access to people who have been
contributing for some time and have a track record---don't be shy and
don't underestimate your work!
However, note that the project is working towards a more automated patch
review and merging system, which, as a consequence, may lead us to have
fewer people with commit access to the main repository. Stay tuned!
@end quotation
If you get commit access, please make sure to follow
the policy below (discussions of the policy can take place on