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Ludovic Courtès 9 months ago
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* Changes in 1.4.0 (since 1.3.0)
** Package management
*** New ‘guix home’ command, for home environment management
*** New ‘guix shell’ command, the successor to ‘guix environment’
*** New ‘deb’ format for the ‘guix pack’ command
*** New ‘guix import minetest’ command, to import Minetest extensions
*** ‘guix import texlive’ rewritten to use the TLPDB as its source
*** ‘guix import elpa’ now supports the non-GNU ELPA repository
*** ‘guix import pypi’ can now import a specific version
*** ‘guix import cran’ can now import a specific version
*** New updater (see ‘guix refresh’): ‘generic-git’
*** ‘guix graph’ has a new ‘--max-depth’ option
*** ‘--with-commit’ option now accepts strings returned by ‘git describe’
** Distribution
*** The installation script can now enable local substitute servers discovery
*** More control over boot-time file system checks and repairs
*** XFS file systems can be created by the installer and mounted by label/UUID
*** New interface for declaring swap space
** Programming interfaces
*** (guix records) now supports “field sanitizers”
** Noteworthy bug fixes
@ -32,6 +39,10 @@ Please send Guix bug reports to
*** Fix pathological profile building performance in the presence of grafts
*** Deduplication phase of the garbage collector is now faster
*** File system flags are validated before system instantiation
* Changes in 1.3.0 (since 1.2.0)
** Package management