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Ludovic Courtès 10 years ago
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@ -8,12 +8,6 @@ Copyright © 2012, 2013 Ludovic Courtès <>
* integrate needed Nix code
Guix uses Nix’s daemon (‘nix-worker’, later renamed to ‘nix-daemon’) to
actually perform builds, scheduling, substitution of pre-built binaries,
and GC-related tasks. The daemon mainly uses ‘libstore’ from Nix.
Integrating it in Guix itself will make Guix self-contained, thereby
simplifying our users’ lives.
** Remove dependency on OpenSSL
The ‘openssl’ command-line tool is used in libstore to sign store paths
@ -51,14 +45,6 @@ For a start, we may use the instance at, generously
provided by TU Delft. However, in the future, we may want to setup our
own instance at
* add guix pull
A tool that fetches the latest code from [[][cgit]], builds a derivation that
unpacks it, copies only .scm files (this excludes guix/ and
compiles it, and then links to it from ~/.local/guix/latest . Change
guix-build and guix-package to have that directory first in their load
* user interface
** Add a package.el (Emacs) back-end
@ -157,12 +143,7 @@ etc.
** add ‘--list-generations’, and ‘--delete-generations’
* guix build utils
** Add equivalent to "rm -rf"
** Add equivalent to Nixpkgs's ‘wrapProgram’
** Change ‘patch-shebang’ to DTRT for /usr/bin/env
I.e., replace “#!/usr/bin/env perl” by “#!/nix/store/…/bin/perl”.
** MAYBE Change ‘ld-wrapper’ to add RPATH for libs passed by file name
** MAYBE Add equivalent to chrpath, possibly using [[][guile-dlhacks]]
@ -172,7 +153,6 @@ I.e., replace “#!/usr/bin/env perl” by “#!/nix/store/…/bin/perl”.
See [[][Shea Levy's `replace-dependency' in Nixpkgs]].
* distro
** choose a name! (Jinn?)
** port to new GNU/Linux platforms, notably ‘mipsel64-linux’
** port to GNU/Hurd, aka. ‘i686-gnu’