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deduplication: Use 'dynamic-wind' when changing permissions of the parent.

Suggested by Caleb Ristvedt <>.

* guix/store/deduplication.scm (call-with-writable-file): New procedure.
(with-writable-file): New macro.
(replace-with-link): Use it.
Ludovic Courtès 12 months ago
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2 changed files with 17 additions and 8 deletions
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.dir-locals.el View File

@ -37,6 +37,7 @@
(eval . (put 'with-file-lock 'scheme-indent-function 1))
(eval . (put 'with-file-lock/no-wait 'scheme-indent-function 1))
(eval . (put 'with-profile-lock 'scheme-indent-function 1))
(eval . (put 'with-writable-file 'scheme-indent-function 1))
(eval . (put 'package 'scheme-indent-function 0))
(eval . (put 'origin 'scheme-indent-function 0))

+ 16
- 8
guix/store/deduplication.scm View File

@ -94,6 +94,20 @@ LINK-PREFIX."
(try (tempname-in link-prefix))
(apply throw args))))))
(define (call-with-writable-file file thunk)
(let ((stat (lstat file)))
(lambda ()
(make-file-writable file))
(lambda ()
(set-file-time file stat)
(chmod file (stat:mode stat))))))
(define-syntax-rule (with-writable-file file exp ...)
"Make FILE writable for the dynamic extent of EXP..."
(call-with-writable-file file (lambda () exp ...)))
;; There are 3 main kinds of errors we can get from hardlinking: "Too many
;; things link to this" (EMLINK), "this link already exists" (EEXIST), and
;; "can't fit more stuff in this directory" (ENOSPC).
@ -120,20 +134,14 @@ Note: TARGET, TO-REPLACE, and SWAP-DIRECTORY must be on the same file system."
;; If we couldn't create TEMP-LINK, that's OK: just don't do the
;; replacement, which means TO-REPLACE won't be deduplicated.
(when temp-link
(let* ((parent (dirname to-replace))
(stat (stat parent)))
(make-file-writable parent)
(with-writable-file (dirname to-replace)
(catch 'system-error
(lambda ()
(rename-file temp-link to-replace))
(lambda args
(delete-file temp-link)
(unless (= EMLINK (system-error-errno args))
(apply throw args))))
;; Restore PARENT's mtime and permissions.
(set-file-time parent stat)
(chmod parent (stat:mode stat)))))
(apply throw args)))))))
(define* (deduplicate path hash #:key (store %store-directory))
"Check if a store item with sha256 hash HASH already exists. If so,