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Ludovic Courtès 10 years ago
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@ -29,6 +29,12 @@ Like scripts/ in Nix, but written in
Scheme. Substituters allow pre-built binaries to be downloaded when
they are available from a trusted source.
** MAYBE Add a substituter that uses the GNUnet DHT
Would be neat if binaries could be pushed to and pulled from the GNUnet
DHT. Guix users would sign their binaries, and define which binaries
they trust.
** Add a remote build hook
Like scripts/ in Nix.
@ -45,6 +51,12 @@ For a start, we may use the instance at, generously
provided by TU Delft. However, in the future, we may want to setup our
own instance at
* user interface
** Add a package.el (Emacs) back-end
Unfortunately package.el is monolithic, so most likely we’d have to
write a new one based on it, as opposed to actually using it.
* extend <origin>
** add OpenPGP signatures:
@ -89,6 +101,12 @@ Implement ‘package-cross-derivation’, and add the corresponding code in
‘gnu-build-system’. Then, actually bootstrap a cross-compilation
environment–e.g., a cross-GNU environment.
* add a guildhall build system
The Guildhall is Guile’s packaging system. It should be easy to add a
‘guildhall-build-system’ that does the right thing based on guildhall
* gnu-build-system: produce a ‘debug’ derivation
Set a .gnu_debuglink in the main derivations to point to the sibling
@ -129,6 +147,10 @@ etc.
** Add equivalent to Nixpkgs's ‘wrapProgram’
** Add equivalent to chrpath, possibly using [[][guile-dlhacks]]
** Add a hash-rewriting thing for deep dependency replacement without rebuild
See [[][Shea Levy's `replace-dependency' in Nixpkgs]].
* distro
** choose a name! (Jinn?)
** port to new GNU/Linux platforms, notably ‘mipsel64-linux’