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doc: Update README to refer to the manual.

* README (Requirements): Refer to the manual.
(Installation): Update URL of the manual.
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@ -18,27 +18,12 @@ Guix is based on the [[][Nix]] package manager.
* Requirements
GNU Guix currently depends on the following packages:
If you are building Guix from source, please see the manual for build
instructions and requirements, either by running:
- [[][GNU Guile 2.2.x]]
- [[][Guile-Gcrypt]] 0.1.0 or later
- [[][GNU Make]]
- [[][GnuTLS]] compiled with guile support enabled
- [[][Guile-SQLite3]], version 0.1.0 or later
- [[][Guile-Git]]
- [[][zlib]]
- [[][Guile-JSON]]
info -f doc/ "Requirements"
Unless `--disable-daemon' was passed, the following packages are needed:
- [[][GNU libgcrypt]]
- [[][SQLite 3]]
- [[][GCC's g++]]
- optionally [[][libbz2]]
When `--disable-daemon' was passed, you instead need the following:
- [[][Nix]]
or by checking the [[][web copy of the manual]].
* Installation
@ -46,7 +31,7 @@ See the manual for the installation instructions, either by running
info -f doc/ "Installation"
or by checking the [[][web copy of the manual]].
or by checking the [[][web copy of the manual]].
For information on installation from a Git checkout, please see the section
"Building from Git" in the manual.