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Please send Guix bug reports to
* Changes in 0.14.0 (since 0.13.0)
** Package management
*** ‘guix package’ displays how much will be downloaded
*** ‘guix package’ warns about insufficient disk space
*** ‘guix package’ now reports package collisions early on
*** ‘guix package --search’ sorts results by relevance
*** ‘guix pull’ now fetches code directly over Git using Guile-Git
*** Substitutes can be downloaded from servers equivalent to the authorized ones
*** New ‘guix weather’ command
*** ‘guix publish --cache’ now also caches uncompressed items
*** ‘guix publish’ no longer removes live items from its cache
*** ‘guix challenge’ now displays an overall summary
*** ‘guix refresh’ no longer uses FTP for GNU and GNOME packages
*** ‘guix refresh’ has a new ‘-m’ or ‘--manifest’ option
*** New ‘refresh’ checker for ‘guix lint’
*** New ‘json’ importer for ‘guix import’ to simplify first packages
*** New ‘texlive’ importer for ‘guix import’
** Distribution
*** GuixSD installation image is now available as ISO-9660
*** GuixSD installation image now includes an ‘sshd’ service
*** New (gnu bootloaders) API, with support for U-Boot and extlinux
*** ‘grub-configuration’ is deprecated in favor of ‘bootloader-configuration’
*** ‘%desktop-services’ now includes NetworkManager instead of Wicd
*** The (uuid …) form can now specify FAT32 and ISO-9660 UUIDs
*** ‘guix system’ now reports missing file system UUIDs and labels
*** ‘guix system’ can provide hints when reporting unbound variables
*** New ‘--file-system-type’ option for ‘guix system disk-image’
*** ‘guix system disk-image’ can now creates ISO-9660 images
*** ‘guix system vm-image’ & co. automatically estimate the image size
*** ‘guix system vm’ now uses overlayfs instead of unionfs
*** TeX Live is now also available as a set of small ‘texlive-’ packages
*** New ‘guix system search’ command to search for services
*** New services
certbot, fcgiwrap, gdm, git-http, knot, libvirt, memcached, mongodb, mpd,
murmur, rsync, tailon, sysctl
*** XXX new packages
*** XXX package updates
** Programming interfaces
*** New build systems: ‘font’, ‘meson’, ‘minify’, ‘scons’, ‘texlive’
*** ‘cmake-build-system’ now supports cross-compilation
*** Various improvements to ‘asdf-build-system’, ‘emacs-build-system’,
‘ant-build-system’, and ‘go-build-system’
*** ‘patches’ field of <origin> can now contain any lowerable object
*** (gnu system vm) has a new ‘make-iso9660-image’ procedure
*** ‘openssh-service-type’ can now be extended with new authorized keys
*** ‘rottlog-service-type’ can now be extended with new ‘log-rotation’s
*** ‘network-manager-service-type’ now supports VPN plugins
*** <service-type> now has a ‘description’ field, used by ‘guix system search’
*** New ‘virtual-machine’ form in (gnu system vm)
*** New (gnu system uuid) module, which defines a disjoint <uuid> type
*** New (guix progress) module
** Noteworthy bug fixes
*** GuixSD no longer creates setuid binaries in /gnu/store
*** /root is no longer world-readable (<>)
*** ‘guix publish’ no longer leaks memory (<>)
*** Missing cursor icons in GNOME could cause crashes
*** Setuid programs now honor the system timezone
** Native language support
Updated translations: da (Danish), fr (French)
* Changes in 0.13.0 (since 0.12.0)
** Package management