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build-system/gnu: Write debug files to the "debug" sub-derivation, if any.

* guix/build/gnu-build-system.scm (strip): Add `objcopy-command' keyword
  [debug-output, debug-file-extension]: New variables.
  [debug-file, make-debug-file, add-debug-link]: New procedures.
  [strip-dir]: Use them.
Ludovic Courtès 8 years ago
1 changed files with 51 additions and 2 deletions
  1. +51

+ 51
- 2
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@ -259,17 +259,66 @@ makefiles."
(strip-command (if target
(string-append target "-strip")
(objcopy-command (if target
(string-append target "-objcopy")
(strip-flags '("--strip-debug"))
(strip-directories '("lib" "lib64" "libexec"
"bin" "sbin"))
(define debug-output
;; If an output is called "debug", then that's where debugging information
;; will be stored instead of being discarded.
(assoc-ref outputs "debug"))
(define debug-file-extension
;; File name extension for debugging information.
(define (debug-file file)
;; Return the name of the debug file for FILE, an absolute file name.
;; Once installed in the user's profile, it is in $PROFILE/lib/debug/FILE,
;; which is where GDB looks for it (info "(gdb) Separate Debug Files").
(string-append debug-output "/lib/debug/"
file debug-file-extension))
(define (make-debug-file file)
;; Create a file in DEBUG-OUTPUT containing the debugging info of FILE.
(let ((debug (debug-file file)))
(mkdir-p (dirname debug))
(copy-file file debug)
(and (zero? (system* strip-command "--only-keep-debug" debug))
(chmod debug #o400)
(define (add-debug-link file)
;; Add a debug link in FILE (info "(binutils) strip").
;; `objcopy --add-gnu-debuglink' wants to have the target of the debug
;; link around so it can compute a CRC of that file (see the
;; `bfd_fill_in_gnu_debuglink_section' function.) No reference to
;; DEBUG-OUTPUT is kept because bfd keeps only the basename of the debug
;; file.
(zero? (system* objcopy-command
(string-append "--add-gnu-debuglink="
(debug-file file))
(define (strip-dir dir)
(format #t "stripping binaries in ~s with ~s and flags ~s~%"
dir strip-command strip-flags)
(when debug-output
(format #t "debugging output written to ~s using ~s~%"
debug-output objcopy-command))
(file-system-fold (const #t)
(lambda (path stat result) ; leaf
(zero? (apply system* strip-command
(append strip-flags (list path)))))
(and (or (not debug-output)
(make-debug-file path))
(zero? (apply system* strip-command
(append strip-flags (list path))))
(or (not debug-output)
(add-debug-link path))))
(const #t) ; down
(const #t) ; up
(const #t) ; skip