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@ -40,16 +40,6 @@ addition to that, you must not miss [[][Pa
directly operate on the syntax tree, such as raising an s-expression or
wrapping it, swallowing or rejecting the following s-expression, etc.
* Packaging Guidelines
The GNU distribution is about respecting the freedom of users. Consequently,
it contains only free software as defined at .
In addition, we follow the [[][free software distribution guidelines]]. Among other
things, this means that the distribution tries hard not to steer users towards
obtaining information about non-free software.
* Adding new packages
Package recipes in Guix look like this:


@ -1432,6 +1432,7 @@ tight integration of GNU components, and an emphasis on programs and
tools that help users exert that freedom.
* Packaging Guidelines:: What goes into the distribution.
* Package Modules:: Packages from the programmer's viewpoint.
* Bootstrapping:: GNU/Linux built from scratch.
* Porting:: Targeting another platform or kernel.
@ -1440,6 +1441,26 @@ tools that help users exert that freedom.
Building this distribution is a cooperative effort, and you are invited
to join! @ref{Contributing}, for information about how you can help.
@node Packaging Guidelines
@section Packaging Guidelines
@c Adapted from
The GNU operating system has been developed so that users can have
freedom in their computing. GNU is @dfn{free software}, meaning that
users have the @url{,four
essential freedoms}: to run the program, to study and change the program
in source code form, to redistribute exact copies, and to distribute
modified versions. Packages found in the GNU distribution provide only
software that conveys these four freedoms.
In addition, the GNU distribution follow the
software distribution guidelines}. Among other things, these guidelines
reject non-free firmware, recommendations of non-free software, and
discuss ways to deal with trademarks and patents.
@node Package Modules
@section Package Modules