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Update 'NEWS' for 0.6.

Ludovic Courtès 8 years ago
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#+TITLE: Guix NEWS – history of user-visible changes
#+STARTUP: content hidestars
Copyright © 2013 Ludovic Courtès <>
Copyright © 2013, 2014 Ludovic Courtès <>
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are permitted in any medium without royalty provided the copyright
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Please send Guix bug reports to
* Changes in 0.6 (since 0.5)
** Package management
*** Default store directory changed to /gnu/store
Although it is still possible to configure Guix to use the old store
directory, we recommend that you start with a fresh install to /gnu/store.
*** Substitutes from must now be signed and authorized
*** Support for offloading builds to other Guix machines over SSH
*** New ‘guix archive’ command
*** New ‘guix system’ command; it can currently build VM images
*** ‘guix package’ accepts several arguments after -i, -r, and -u
*** Updating a profile with ‘guix package’ is now noticeably faster
*** ‘guix build’ can override a package’s source with the new ‘--with-source’
*** ‘guix build’ has a new ‘--no-build-hook’ option
*** ‘guix’ commands that build packages have a common set of options
*** ‘guix hash’ has a new ‘--recursive’ option
*** Daemon no longer bind-mounts the host’s /dev (improves reproducibility)
** Programming interfaces
*** New (guix pk-crypto) and (guix pki) modules for public key cryptography
*** New #:local-build? parameter for derivations that shouldn’t be offloaded
*** (gnu system vm) has procedures to build VMs that share the host’s store
*** New ‘text-file*’ procedure in (guix monads)
*** System service definitions are now provided by the (guix services) modules
*** New X and SLiM services in (gnu services xorg)
*** New (guix git-download) and (guix svn-download) for git/svn checkouts
** GNU distribution
*** FIXME new packages
*** FIXME package updates
*** New ‘gcc-toolchain’ meta-package, makes it easy to install a GCC tool chain
*** libc’s Info manual is now installed
*** Binutils is built with --enable-deterministic-archives
*** Packages that populated man/man* now populate share/man/man*
*** Many other packaging improvements
** Bugs fixed
*** ‘guix pull’ consumes less memory, compiles in parallel
*** ‘guix package --list-*’ gracefully handles EPIPE when used in a pipeline
*** ‘guix package’ handles collisions between a symlink and a directory
*** HTTP downloads provide a ‘User-Agent’ field (
*** ‘guix package’ no longer shows misleading installed package number
*** Manual suggests ‘useradd --system’ (
*** Python is built with ctypes support (
*** HTTP/TLS connection not terminated properly (
*** Gracefully handle poorly behaved HTTP servers (
* Changes in 0.5 (since 0.4)
** Package management
*** GNU package descriptions synchronized with the ‘gnumaint’ repository