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ci: Build Guix System images.

Build a list of Guix System images. For now, this list only contains the Hurd
barebones Guix System image.

* gnu/ci.scm (%guixsd-supported-systems): Remove "armhf-linux",
(%u-boot-systems): remove unused variable,
(%guix-system-images): new variable
(qemu-jobs): rename to "image-jobs" and build the Guix Systems listed in the
new "%guix-system-images" variable,
(system-test-jobs): adapt accordingly,
(hydra-jobs): ditto.
Mathieu Othacehe 1 year ago
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@ -53,6 +53,7 @@
#:use-module (gnu system image)
#:use-module (gnu system vm)
#:use-module (gnu system install)
#:use-module (gnu system images hurd)
#:use-module (gnu tests)
#:use-module (srfi srfi-1)
#:use-module (srfi srfi-26)
@ -185,18 +186,21 @@ SYSTEM."
(remove (either from-32-to-64? same? pointless?)
(define %guixsd-supported-systems
'("x86_64-linux" "i686-linux" "armhf-linux"))
;; Architectures that are able to build or cross-build Guix System images.
;; This does not mean that other architectures are not supported, only that
;; they are often not fast enough to support Guix System images building.
(define %guix-system-supported-systems
'("x86_64-linux" "i686-linux"))
(define %u-boot-systems
(define %guix-system-images
(list hurd-barebones-disk-image))
(define (qemu-jobs store system)
"Return a list of jobs that build QEMU images for SYSTEM."
(define (image-jobs store system)
"Return a list of jobs that build images for SYSTEM."
(define (->alist drv)
`((derivation . ,(derivation-file-name drv))
(description . "Stand-alone QEMU image of the GNU system")
(long-description . "This is a demo stand-alone QEMU image of the GNU
(description . "Stand-alone image of the GNU system")
(long-description . "This is a demo stand-alone image of the GNU
(license . ,(license-name gpl3+))
(max-silent-time . 600)
@ -211,29 +215,33 @@ system.")
(parameterize ((%graft? #f))
(->alist drv))))))
(define (build-image image)
(run-with-store store
(mbegin %store-monad
(set-guile-for-build (default-guile))
(lower-object (system-image image)))))
(define MiB
(expt 2 20))
(if (member system %guixsd-supported-systems)
(list (->job 'usb-image
(run-with-store store
(mbegin %store-monad
(set-guile-for-build (default-guile))
(inherit efi-disk-image)
(size (* 1500 MiB))
(operating-system installation-os)))))))
(->job 'iso9660-image
(run-with-store store
(mbegin %store-monad
(set-guile-for-build (default-guile))
(inherit iso9660-image)
(operating-system installation-os))))))))
(if (member system %guix-system-supported-systems)
`(,(->job 'usb-image
(inherit efi-disk-image)
(size (* 1500 MiB))
(operating-system installation-os))))
,(->job 'iso9660-image
(inherit iso9660-image)
(operating-system installation-os))))
;; Only cross-compile Guix System images from x86_64-linux for now.
,@(if (string=? system "x86_64-linux")
(map (lambda (image)
(->job (image-name image) (build-image image)))
(define channel-build-system
@ -305,11 +313,7 @@ system.")
"." system))))
(cons name (test->thunk test))))
(if (and (member system %guixsd-supported-systems)
;; XXX: Our build farm has too few ARMv7 machines and they are very
;; slow, so skip system tests there.
(not (string=? system "armhf-linux")))
(if (member system %guix-system-supported-systems)
;; Override the value of 'current-guix' used by system tests. Using a
;; channel instance makes tests that rely on 'current-guix' less
;; expensive. It also makes sure we get a valid Guix package when this
@ -486,7 +490,7 @@ Return #f if no such checkout is found."
(package->job store package
(append (filter-map job all)
(qemu-jobs store system)
(image-jobs store system)
(system-test-jobs store system
#:source source
#:commit commit)