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Please send Guix bug reports to
* Changes in 0.5 (since 0.4)
** Package management
*** GNU package descriptions synchronized with the ‘gnumaint’ repository
In addition to synopses, descriptions of GNU packages are now kept in sync
with the ‘gnumaint’ repository, which is the canonical place for GNU package
** Programming interfaces
*** Patches are now listed as part of ‘origin’
The ‘origin’ form supports two new fields: ‘patches’ (list of patches), and
‘snippet’ (code snippet to modify the source.) These are applied when running
‘guix build --source’. See “Defining Packages” in the manual.
*** New (guix monads) monadic interface to operate on the store
See “The Store Monad” in the manual. The (gnu system …) modules have been
rewritten to use this monadic interface.
*** New (guix profiles) module
It provides an API for dealing with profiles, as with the ‘guix package’
*** New (gnu system) module
This module provides generic way to describe the system’s configuration, and
to instantiate it, regardless of the final medium (QEMU image, etc.)
See “System Configuration” in the manual.
This is work in progress. Send feedback to!
*** ‘build-expression->derivation’ uses more parameters
Some positional parameters have been changed to keyword parameters.
See “Derivations” in the manual.
** GNU distribution
*** New port to the Loongson MIPS64 processors, n32 ABI (‘mips64el-linux’)
Bootstrap binaries have been built for that architecture, as several
Loongson-specific patches not yet available upstream have been applied to core
packages. See “GNU Distribution” and “Porting” in the manual.
Pre-built binaries are not yet available via, so Guix will
build by itself on this platform.
*** XXX new packages
*** XXX package updates
*** Packages are now built with GCC 4.8.2 by default (was 4.7.3)
** Native language support
*** New ‘sr’ (Serbian) translation
*** New ‘vi’ (Vietnamese) translation
*** Updated ‘pt_BR’ (Brazilian Portuguese) translation
** Bugs fixed
*** ‘guix-daemon’ always sets umask to 022
*** ‘guix pull’ compiles Guix in a deterministically and correctly
Previously, the build environment was not cleared in between ‘compile-file’
calls, leading to build errors due to Guile bug .
*** ‘guix package’ allows removal of a specific package output
*** Files referenced by environment variables are protected from GC
*** ‘bootstrap-graph.{png,eps,pdf}’ built in srcdir (
* Changes in 0.4 (since 0.3)
** Package management