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Ludovic Courtès 8 years ago
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@ -48,17 +48,6 @@ package.el is quite monolithic, but we may be able to reuse/extend
** add guile-ncurses interface
* extend <origin>
** add OpenPGP signatures:
(method http-fetch)
(uri "http://.../foo.tgz")
(signature-uri (string-append uri ".sig"))
(signer-openpgp-fingerprint "..."))
** allow <origin> to be a derivation/package or a file
* extend <package>
** add ‘recommends’ field
@ -84,28 +73,45 @@ create a new ‘dir’.
("i3" ,p3)))
* MAYBE use HOP-like escapes to refer to inputs in build-side code
* synchronize package descriptions with GSRC and/or the [[][FSD]]
Instead of doing things like:
#+BEGIN_SRC scheme
(inputs `(("foo" ,foo)))
(arguments '(#:configure-flags
(list (string-append "--with-foo="
(assoc-ref %build-inputs "foo")))))
Allow things like:
#+BEGIN_SRC scheme
(inputs (list foo))
(arguments ~(#:configure-flags
(list (string-append "--with-foo=" $foo))))
... where '~' is 'build-quote' and '$' is 'build-unquote'. Better yet,
automatically compute the list of references of an expression passed to
Use a [[][monad]] for the syntax.
* synchronize non-GNU package descriptions with the [[][FSD]]
Meta-data for GNU packages, including descriptions and synopses, can be
dumped from the FSD: .
We could periodically synchronize with that.
See for info
on how to synchronize with GSRC's descriptions.
* add a guildhall build system
The Guildhall is Guile’s packaging system. It should be easy to add a
‘guildhall-build-system’ that does the right thing based on guildhall
* build-expression->derivation: define `%system' in the builder
Would allow build expressions to have system-dependent code, like
* add ‘allowed-references’ in <package>
[[file:~/src/nix/src/libstore/"allowedReferences")%20!%3D%20drv.env.end())%20{][See how Nix implements that internally]].
@ -126,9 +132,6 @@ run when that is defined.
Would download a substitute, and compare its contents against a (hopefully
locally-built) copy.
* guix package
** add ‘--list-generations’, and ‘--delete-generations’
* guix build utils
** MAYBE Change ‘ld-wrapper’ to add RPATH for libs passed by file name