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hurd-boot: Create individual translators instead of running MAKEDEV.

* gnu/build/hurd-boot.scm (make-hurd-device-nodes): Do not create
dev/{null,zero,full,random,urandom} mount points.
(passive-translator-xattr?, passive-translator-installed?, translated?,
set-translator, set-hurd-device-translators): New procedures.
(false-if-EEXIST): New macro.
(boot-hurd-system): Use them instead of running MAKEDEV.
Jan (janneke) Nieuwenhuizen 2 years ago
committed by Jan Nieuwenhuizen
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@ -80,16 +80,8 @@ Return the value associated with OPTION, or #f on failure."
(string-append root (if (string-suffix? "/" root) "" "/") dir))
(mkdir (scope "dev"))
(for-each (lambda (file)
(call-with-output-file (scope file)
(lambda (port)
(display file port) ;avoid hard-linking
(chmod port #o666))))
;; Don't create /dev/null etc just yet; the store
;; messes-up the permission bits.
;; Don't create /dev/console, /dev/vcs, etc.: they are created by
;; console-run on first boot.
@ -115,6 +107,143 @@ Return the value associated with OPTION, or #f on failure."
;; settings?
(define (passive-translator-xattr? file-name)
"Return true if FILE-NAME has an extended @code{gnu.translator} attribute
(catch 'system-error
(lambda _ (not (string-null? (getxattr file-name "gnu.translator"))))
(lambda args
(if (= ENODATA (system-error-errno args))
(apply throw args)))))
(define (passive-translator-installed? file-name)
"Return true if @file{showtrans} finds a translator installed on FILE-NAME."
(with-output-to-port (%make-void-port "w")
(lambda _
(with-error-to-port (%make-void-port "w")
(lambda _
(zero? (system* "showtrans" "--silent" file-name)))))))
(define (translated? file-name)
"Return true if a translator is installed on FILE-NAME."
(if (string-contains %host-type "linux-gnu")
(passive-translator-xattr? file-name)
(passive-translator-installed? file-name)))
(define* (set-translator file-name command #:optional (mode #o600))
"Setup translator COMMAND on FILE-NAME."
(unless (translated? file-name)
(let ((dir (dirname file-name)))
(unless (directory-exists? dir)
(mkdir-p dir))
(unless (file-exists? file-name)
(call-with-output-file file-name
(lambda (port)
(display file-name port) ;avoid hard-linking
(chmod port mode)))))
(catch 'system-error
(lambda _
(apply invoke "settrans" "--create" file-name command))
(lambda (key . args)
(let ((errno (system-error-errno (cons key args))))
(format (current-error-port) "~a: ~a\n"
(strerror errno) file-name)
(format (current-error-port) "Ignoring...Good Luck!\n"))))))
(define-syntax-rule (false-if-EEXIST exp)
"Evaluate EXP but return #f if it raises to 'system-error with EEXIST."
(catch 'system-error
(lambda () exp)
(lambda args
(if (= EEXIST (system-error-errno args))
(apply throw args)))))
(define* (set-hurd-device-translators #:optional (root "/"))
"Make some of the device nodes needed on GNU/Hurd."
(define (scope dir)
(string-append root (if (string-suffix? "/" root) "" "/") dir))
(define scope-set-translator
((file-name command)
(scope-set-translator (list file-name command #o600)))
((file-name command mode)
(let ((mount-point (scope file-name)))
(set-translator mount-point command mode)))))
(define (mkdir* dir)
(let ((dir (scope dir)))
(unless (file-exists? dir)
(mkdir-p dir))))
(define servers
'(("servers/crash-dump-core" ("/hurd/crash" "--dump-core"))
("servers/crash-kill" ("/hurd/crash" "--kill"))
("servers/crash-suspend" ("/hurd/crash" "--suspend"))
("servers/password" ("/hurd/password"))
("servers/socket/1" ("/hurd/pflocal"))
("servers/socket/2" ("/hurd/pfinet"
"--interface" "eth0"
"" ;the default QEMU guest IP
"--netmask" ""
"--gateway" ""
"--ipv6" "/servers/socket/16"))))
(define devices
'(("dev/full" ("/hurd/null" "--full") #o666)
("dev/null" ("/hurd/null") #o666)
("dev/random" ("/hurd/random" "--seed-file" "/var/lib/random-seed")
("dev/zero" ("/hurd/storeio" "--store-type=zero") #o666)
("dev/console" ("/hurd/term" "/dev/console" "device" "console"))
("dev/klog" ("/hurd/streamio" "kmsg"))
("dev/mem" ("/hurd/storeio" "--no-cache" "mem") #o660)
("dev/shm" ("/hurd/tmpfs" "--mode=1777" "50%") #o644)
("dev/time" ("/hurd/storeio" "--no-cache" "time") #o644)
("dev/vcs" ("/hurd/console"))
("dev/tty" ("/hurd/magic" "tty") #o666)
("dev/tty1" ("/hurd/term" "/dev/tty1" "hurdio" "/dev/vcs/1/console")
("dev/tty2" ("/hurd/term" "/dev/tty2" "hurdio" "/dev/vcs/2/console")
("dev/tty3" ("/hurd/term" "/dev/tty3" "hurdio" "/dev/vcs/3/console")
("dev/ptyp0" ("/hurd/term" "/dev/ptyp0" "pty-master" "/dev/ttyp0")
("dev/ptyp1" ("/hurd/term" "/dev/ptyp1" "pty-master" "/dev/ttyp1")
("dev/ptyp2" ("/hurd/term" "/dev/ptyp2" "pty-master" "/dev/ttyp2")
("dev/ttyp0" ("/hurd/term" "/dev/ttyp0" "pty-slave" "/dev/ptyp0")
("dev/ttyp1" ("/hurd/term" "/dev/ttyp1" "pty-slave" "/dev/ptyp1")
("dev/ttyp2" ("/hurd/term" "/dev/ttyp2" "pty-slave" "/dev/ptyp2")
(for-each scope-set-translator servers)
(mkdir* (scope "dev/vcs/1"))
(mkdir* (scope "dev/vcs/2"))
(mkdir* (scope "dev/vcs/2"))
(rename-file (scope "/dev/console") (scope "/dev/console-"))
(for-each scope-set-translator devices)
(false-if-EEXIST (symlink "/dev/random" (scope "dev/urandom")))
(mkdir* (scope "dev/fd"))
(false-if-EEXIST (symlink "/dev/fd/0" (scope "dev/stdin")))
(false-if-EEXIST (symlink "/dev/fd/1" (scope "dev/stdout")))
(false-if-EEXIST (symlink "/dev/fd/2" (scope "dev/stderr"))))
(define* (boot-hurd-system #:key (on-error 'debug))
"This procedure is meant to be called from an early RC script.
@ -126,20 +255,9 @@ starting the Shepherd.
XXX TODO: see linux-boot.scm:boot-system.
XXX TODO: add proper file-system checking, mounting
XXX TODO: move bits to (new?) (hurd?) (activation?) services
XXX TODO: use settrans/setxattr instead of MAKEDEV
XXX TODO: use Linux xattr/setxattr to remove (settrans in) /libexec/RUNSYSTEM
(define translators
'(("/servers/crash-dump-core" ("/hurd/crash" "--dump-core"))
("/servers/crash-kill" ("/hurd/crash" "--kill"))
("/servers/crash-suspend" ("/hurd/crash" "--suspend"))
("/servers/password" ("/hurd/password"))
("/servers/socket/1" ("/hurd/pflocal"))
("/servers/socket/2" ("/hurd/pfinet" "--interface" "eth0"
"--address" "" ;the default QEMU guest IP
"--netmask" ""
"--gateway" ""
"--ipv6" "/servers/socket/16"))))
(display "Welcome, this is GNU's early boot Guile.\n")
(display "Use '--repl' for an initrd REPL.\n\n")
@ -147,35 +265,13 @@ XXX TODO: use settrans/setxattr instead of MAKEDEV
(lambda ()
(define (translated? node)
;; Return true if a translator is installed on NODE.
(with-output-to-port (%make-void-port "w")
(lambda ()
(with-error-to-port (%make-void-port "w")
(lambda ()
(zero? (system* "showtrans" "--silent" node)))))))
(let* ((args (command-line))
(system (find-long-option "--system" args))
(to-load (find-long-option "--load" args)))
(format #t "Creating essential servers...\n")
(setenv "PATH" (string-append system "/profile/bin"
":" system "/profile/sbin"))
(for-each (match-lambda
((node command)
(unless (translated? node)
(mkdir-p (dirname node))
(apply invoke "settrans" "--create" node command))))
(format #t "Creating essential device nodes...\n")
(with-directory-excursion "/dev"
(invoke "MAKEDEV" "--devdir=/dev" "std")
(invoke "MAKEDEV" "--devdir=/dev" "vcs")
(invoke "MAKEDEV" "--devdir=/dev" "tty1""tty2" "tty3" "tty4" "tty5" "tty6")
(invoke "MAKEDEV" "--devdir=/dev" "ptyp0" "ptyp1" "ptyp2")
(invoke "MAKEDEV" "--devdir=/dev" "console"))
(format #t "Setting-up essential translators...\n")
(setenv "PATH" (string-append system "/profile/bin"))
(false-if-exception (delete-file "/hurd"))
(let ((hurd/hurd (readlink* (string-append system "/profile/hurd"))))