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-*- mode: org; coding: utf-8; -*-
#+TITLE: What's left to do?
#+STARTUP: content hidestars
Copyright © 2012, 2013 Ludovic Courtès <>
Copying and distribution of this file, with or without modification,
@ -35,18 +38,6 @@ they trust.
Like scripts/ in Nix.
* infrastructure
** have a Hydra instance build Guix packages
[[][Hydra]] is a continuous integration tool based on Nix. It now has
[[][Guile/Guix support]], which allows “build recipes” written in Guile using
Guix to be used directly on Hydra.
For a start, we may use the instance at, generously
provided by TU Delft. However, in the future, we may want to setup our
own instance at
* user interface
** Add a package.el (Emacs) back-end
@ -66,12 +57,6 @@ write a new one based on it, as opposed to actually using it.
* extend <package>
** add support for ‘search-paths’
This should be passed to the build system, to extend package-specific
search path environment variables–like ‘GUILE_LOAD_PATH’, ‘PERL5LIB’,
** add a ‘user-environment-hook’
This should specify builder code to be run when building a user
@ -91,15 +76,13 @@ create a new ‘dir’.
("i3" ,p3)))
* synchronize package descriptions with the [[][FSD]] and/or the Womb
* synchronize package descriptions with GSRC and/or the [[][FSD]]
Meta-data for GNU packages, including descriptions and synopses, can be
dumped from the FSD: .
We could periodically synchronize with that.
The [[./guix/gnu-maintenance.scm][Womb]] also contains synopses for all the GNU packages.
* support cross-compilation
Implement ‘package-cross-derivation’, and add the corresponding code in
@ -145,10 +128,9 @@ etc.
** add ‘--list-generations’, and ‘--delete-generations’
* guix build utils
** Add equivalent to Nixpkgs's ‘wrapProgram’
** MAYBE Change ‘ld-wrapper’ to add RPATH for libs passed by file name
** MAYBE Add equivalent to chrpath, possibly using [[][guile-dlhacks]]
** MAYBE Add equivalent to chrpath that uses [[][guile-dlhacks]]
** MAYBE Add a hash-rewriting thing for deep dependency replacement without rebuild