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build-self: Inherit the daemon connection from the parent process.

Fixes <>.
Reported by Vagrant Cascadian <>.

* build-aux/build-self.scm (build): Define 'port' and wrap 'open-pipe*'
call in 'with-input-from-port'.
(build-program): Use 'port->connection' or 'open-connection' instead of
Ludovic Courtès 3 years ago
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1 changed files with 33 additions and 8 deletions
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+ 33
- 8
build-aux/build-self.scm View File

@ -265,8 +265,20 @@ person's version identifier."
(loop (cdr spin))))
(match (command-line)
((_ source system version)
(with-store store
((_ source system version protocol-version)
;; The current input port normally wraps a file
;; descriptor connected to the daemon, or it is
;; connected to /dev/null. In the former case, reuse
;; the connection such that we inherit build options
;; such as substitute URLs and so on; in the latter
;; case, attempt to open a new connection.
(let* ((proto (string->number protocol-version))
(store (if (integer? proto)
(port->connection (duplicate-port
#:version proto)
(lambda ()
(spin system)))
@ -297,15 +309,28 @@ files."
(mlet %store-monad ((build (build-program source version guile-version
#:pull-version pull-version))
(system (if system (return system) (current-system))))
(system (if system (return system) (current-system)))
(port ((store-lift nix-server-socket)))
(major ((store-lift nix-server-major-version)))
(minor ((store-lift nix-server-minor-version))))
(mbegin %store-monad
(show-what-to-build* (list build))
(built-derivations (list build))
(let* ((pipe (begin
(setenv "GUILE_WARN_DEPRECATED" "no") ;be quiet and drive
(open-pipe* OPEN_READ
(derivation->output-path build)
source system version)))
;; Use the port beneath the current store as the stdin of BUILD. This
;; way, we know 'open-pipe*' will not close it on 'exec'. If PORT is
;; not a file port (e.g., it's an SSH channel), then the subprocess's
;; stdin will actually be /dev/null.
(let* ((pipe (with-input-from-port port
(lambda ()
(setenv "GUILE_WARN_DEPRECATED" "no") ;be quiet and drive
(open-pipe* OPEN_READ
(derivation->output-path build)
source system version
(if (file-port? port)
(logior major minor))
(str (get-string-all pipe))
(status (close-pipe pipe)))
(match str