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Please send Guix bug reports to
* Changes in 0.8.3 (since 0.8.2)
** Package management
*** New ‘guix edit’ and ‘guix size’ commands
*** New ‘--manifest’ option for ‘guix package’, for declarative profiles
*** Similarly, new ‘M-x guix-apply-manifest’ for the Emacs UI
*** Emacs support now includes completion for ‘guix’ commands in shell-mode
*** ‘guix package --search-paths’ now takes an optional argument
*** ‘guix environment --ad-hoc’ creates a custom development environment
*** New ‘--system’ option for ‘guix environment’
*** ‘guix environment’ defines $GUIX_ENVIRONMENT, useful to adjust ‘PS1’
*** New ‘--optimize’ and ‘--verify’ options to ‘guix gc’
*** ‘guix build --with-source’ can now be passed a directory
*** New ‘elpa’ importer for ‘guix import’
*** ‘guix import pypi’ determines the list of dependencies
*** New ‘--substitute-urls’ option for ‘guix build’ and other commands
*** ‘guix substitute’ can now alternate between different substitute URLs
*** New “Running Guix Before It Is Installed” section in the manual
*** Basic manual pages for the ‘guix’ commands are now shipped
*** Building the daemon now necessitates a C++11 compiler
** Distribution
*** New ‘%base-user-accounts’ variable, for common system accounts
*** New ‘--on-error’ option for ‘guix system’
*** New ‘plain-file’ construct, for use in ‘operating-system’ declarations
*** ‘sudoers’ field of ‘operating-system’ renamed to ‘sudoers-file’
*** ‘sudoers-file’ and ‘hosts-file’ fields now take file-like objects
*** File systems under /sys/fs/cgroup are now mounted by default
*** Default compiler is now GCC 4.9.3 (was 4.8.4)
*** ARMv7 port now requires NEON
*** The disk footprint of a dozen key packages has been reduced
*** XXX new packages
*** XXX package updates
** Programming interfaces
*** New “package Reference” and “origin Reference” sections in the manual
*** monads: ‘foldm’, ‘mapm’, and ‘anym’ now take a list of regular values
*** monads: Allow n-ary ‘>>=’ expressions
*** New (guix cpio) module, used to produce Linux initrds deterministically
*** New ‘clone’, ‘setns’, and ‘pivot_root’ bindings in (guix build syscalls)
*** New ‘dependencies’ field in <file-system>
*** New #:gem-flags parameter for ‘ruby-build-system’
** Noteworthy bug fixes
*** Binary installation tarball now has files root-owned, with zeroed mtime
*** GRUB background image is always available (<>)
*** ‘guix system’ catches references to non-existent user groups
*** Ignore trailing components for ‘guix gc -d’ (<>)
*** ‘guix lint’ warns only when all the URIs are unreachable
*** ‘guix system init’ overwrites the items in the target store
*** ‘guix-register’ performs deduplication even when --prefix is passed
*** The ‘location’ of packages is no longer preserved by ‘inherit’
*** GuixSD installation image has udev rules for device-mapper
*** Daemon distinguishes between “substitutable” and “offloadable” derivations
*** Avoid infinite loop in ‘guix substitute’
*** ‘guix environment’ now returns the exit code of its command
*** ‘file-system’ declarations can now really use UUIDs
*** Daemon preserves build user groups (<>)
*** Fix quadratic behavior when building packages with many propagated inputs
*** Tarballs for origins with patches/snippet are now build deterministically
** Native language support
*** Updated translations: da, eo
* Changes in 0.8.2 (since 0.8.1)
** Package management