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doc: cookbook: Explain how to use bind mounts.

* doc/guix-cookbook.texi (Setting up a bind mount): Add example.

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* Customizing the Kernel:: Creating and using a custom Linux kernel on Guix System.
* Customizing a Window Manager:: Handle customization of a Window manager on Guix System.
* Setting up a bind mount:: Setting up a bind mount in the file-systems definition.
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@node Customizing the Kernel
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(set-font (make-instance 'xft:font :family "DejaVu Sans Mono" :subfamily "Book" :size 11))
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@node Setting up a bind mount
@section Setting up a bind mount
To bind mount a file system, one must first set up some definitions
before the @code{operating-system} section of the system definition. In
this example we will bind mount a folder from a spinning disk drive to
@code{/tmp}, to save wear and tear on the primary SSD, without
dedicating an entire partition to be mounted as @code{/tmp}.
First, the source drive that hosts the folder we wish to bind mount
should be defined, so that the bind mount can depend on it.
(define source-drive ;; "source-drive" can be named anything you want.
(device (uuid "UUID goes here"))
(mount-point "/path-to-spinning-disk-goes-here")
(type "ext4"))) ;; Make sure to set this to the appropriate type for your drive.
@end lisp
The source folder must also be defined, so that guix will know it's not
a regular block device, but a folder.
(define (%source-directory) "/path-to-spinning-disk-goes-here/tmp") ;; "source-directory" can be named any valid variable name.
@end lisp
Finally, inside the @code{file-systems} definition, we must add the
mount itself.
(file-systems (cons*
...<other drives omitted for clarity>...
source-drive ;; Must match the name you gave the source drive in the earlier definition.
(device (%source-directory)) ;; Make sure "source-directory" matches your earlier definition.
(mount-point "/tmp")
(type "none") ;; We are mounting a folder, not a partition, so this type needs to be "none"
(flags '(bind-mount))
(dependencies (list source-drive)) ;; Ensure "source-drive" matches what you've named the variable for the drive.
...<other drives omitted for clarity>...
@end lisp
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@node Advanced package management
@chapter Advanced package management