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Ludovic Courtès 9 years ago
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@ -36,13 +36,64 @@ to download a substitute.
See the manual for details.
*** New ‘--key-download’ option for “guix refresh”
See the manual for details.
** Programming interfaces
*** New ‘package-cross-derivation’ procedure in (guix derivations)
See the manual for details.
*** New ‘%current-target-system’ SRFI-39 parameter
This parameter is like ‘%current-system’, but for cross-compilation. It
allows code in package definitions (such as in the ‘arguments’ field) to know
whether it is being cross-compiled, and what the target system is.
*** New (guix hash) module; new ‘open-sha256-port’ and ‘sha256-port’ procedures
This improves performance of SHA256 computations.
** GNU distribution
*** Major updates
*** Noteworthy new packages
*** Binary packages now available for i686-linux
The build farm at now provides 32-bit GNU/Linux binaries
(i686-linux), in addition to the x86_64-linux binaries. Both can be
transparently used as substitutes for local builds on these platforms.
*** Debug info packages
Some packages now have a “debug” output containing debugging information. The
“debug” output can be used by GDB, and can be installed separately from the
other outputs of the package. See “Installing Debugging Files” in the manual.
*** Bootstrap binaries can be cross-compiled
The distribution can now be ported to new architectures (currently
GNU/Linux-only) by cross-compiling the “bootstrap binaries”. See “Porting”
in the manual.
*** Bootstrapping documented
See “Bootstrapping” in the manual, for information on how the GNU
distribution builds “from scratch”.
** Internationalization
New translations: eo, pt_BR.
** Bugs fixed
*** “guix --help” now works when using Guile 2.0.5
*** Binary substituter multi-threading and pipe issues fixed
@ -59,6 +110,12 @@ some (but not all) of its outputs were already present. See and .
*** ‘guix package -i foo:out’ no longer removes other outputs of ‘foo’
Previously only the ‘out’ output of package ‘foo’ would be kept in the
* Changes in 0.2 (since 0.1)
** Package management