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Ludovic Courtès 4 years ago
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** Package management
*** ‘guix pull -l’ lists new and upgraded packages
*** ‘guix pull’ now supports channels via ~/.config/guix/channels.scm
*** New ‘--profile’ or ‘-p’ option for ‘guix pull’
*** New ‘guix describe’ command
*** ‘guix package’ no longer shows build logs by default
*** ‘guix’ commands now produce colored output by default
*** Manifests can now refer to arbitrary Guix commits using “inferiors”
*** New ‘guix processes’ command
*** ‘guix pack’ now honors ‘--localstatedir’ for all its backends
*** ‘guix import pypi’ has a new ‘--recursive’ option
*** ‘guix import hackage’ has a new ‘--recursive’ option
*** ‘guix import stackage’ has a new ‘--recursive’ option
The short option for ‘--lts-version’ is now ‘-l’ (used to be ‘-r’).
*** ‘guix refresh’ now stores upstream keys in ~/.config/guix/upstream
*** Guix now depends on Guile-Gcrypt
** Distribution
*** The GNU Shepherd was upgraded to 0.5.0
*** ‘guix system reconfigure’ now loads Shepherd service replacements
*** ‘herd schedule mcron’ now displays mcron’s job schedule
*** ‘herd statistics nscd’ now displays nscd statistics
*** ‘herd invalidate nscd TABLE’ instructs nscd to invalidate TABLE
*** New services
gitolite, iptables, pcscd, prometheus-node-exporter, varnish
** Programming interfaces
*** New (guix channels) module
*** New (guix inferior) module
*** New (guix status) module
*** ‘packages->manifest’ now accepts inferior packages
*** New build systems: ‘clojure’, ‘guile’
*** Shepherd services can now declare custom actions
*** More of the (gnu system …) APIs are now non-monadic
*** New ‘add-file-tree-to-store’ procedure in (guix store)
** Noteworthy bug fixes
** Native language support
*** The manual is now partially translated into German, in addition to French
To read the German manual, just type “info” or read it on-line at
<>. Consider translating the manual
to your native language by joining the Translation Project:
*** Updated translations:
*** New translations:
* Changes in 0.15.0 (since 0.14.0)