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-*- mode: org -*-
Guix is Nix[0] from Guile[1]!
Concretely, it allows Nix package management to be done entirely in
@ -7,3 +9,38 @@ Nix language.
* Hacking
Guix currently depends on the following packages:
- GNU Guile 2.0.x,
- Nix,
- libchop,
For bootstrapping purposes, it is useful to reuse packages from Nixpkgs.
For this to work, you need to have a checkout of the Nixpkgs repository,
with the `NIXPKGS' environment variable pointing to it.
- Nixpkgs,
* How It Works
Guix does the high-level preparation of a /derivation/. A derivation is
the promise of a build; it is stored as a text file under
=/nix/store/xxx.drv=. The (guix derivations) module provides the
`derivation' primitive, as well as higher-level wrappers such as
Guix does remote procedure calls (RPCs) to the Nix daemon (the
=nix-worker --daemon= command), which in turn performs builds and
accesses to the Nix store on its behalf. The RPCs are implemented in
the (guix store) module.
* Contact
The repository is at <>.
Please email <> or <>, or
join #guile or #nixos on or `civodul'.