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doc: Fix typos, and improve daemon documentation.

* doc/guix.texi: Fix typos.
  (Invoking guix-daemon): Add details about `--disable-log-compression'
  and `--disable-store-optimization'.
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Ludovic Courtès 9 years ago
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@ -139,7 +139,7 @@ This section describes the software requirements of Guix, as well as how
to install it and get ready to use it.
The build procedure for Guix is the same as for other GNU software, and
are not covered here. Please see the files @file{README} and
is not covered here. Please see the files @file{README} and
@file{INSTALL} in the Guix source tree for additional details.
@ -233,7 +233,7 @@ The @code{guix-daemon} program may then be run as @code{root} with:
@end example
Guix may also be used in a single-user setup, with @command{guix-daemon}
running as a unprivileged user. However, to maximize non-interference
running as an unprivileged user. However, to maximize non-interference
of build processes, the daemon still needs to perform certain operations
that are restricted to @code{root} on GNU/Linux: it should be able to
run build processes in a chroot, and to run them under different UIDs.
@ -330,9 +330,19 @@ processes to gain access to undeclared dependencies.
@item --disable-log-compression
Disable compression of the build logs.
Unless @code{--lose-logs} is used, all the build logs are kept in the
@var{localstatedir}. To save space, the daemon automatically compresses
them with bzip2 by default. This option disables that.
@item --disable-store-optimization
Disable automatic file ``deduplication'' in the store.
By default, files added to the store are automatically ``deduplicated'':
if a newly added file is identical as another one found in the store,
the daemon makes the new file a hard link to the other file. This
slightly increases the input/output load at the end of a build process.
This option disables this.
@item --impersonate-linux-2.6
On Linux-based systems, impersonate Linux 2.6. This means that the
kernel's @code{uname} system call will report 2.6 as the release number.
@ -545,7 +555,7 @@ deleted. The set of garbage collector roots includes default user
profiles, and may be augmented with @command{guix-build --root}, for
example (@pxref{Invoking guix-build}).
The @command{guix-gc} command has three modes of operations: it can be
The @command{guix-gc} command has three modes of operation: it can be
used to garbage-collect any dead files (the default), to delete specific
files (the @code{--delete} option), or to print garbage-collector
information. The available options are listed below: