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Please send Guix bug reports to
* Changes in 0.8 (since 0.7)
** Package management
*** New visual user interface in Emacs
See “Emacs Interface” in the manual.
*** New ‘guix environment’ command to produce development environment
See “Invoking guix environment” in the manual.
*** The ‘guix import’ command can now import packages from
See “Invoking guix import” in the manual.
*** New ‘guix lint’ command, for use by Guix developers
See “Invoking guix lint” in the manual.
*** Packages can now be “grafted” with replacements of their dependencies
See “Security Updates” in the manual.
*** The distribution can be extended with ‘--load-path’ or $GUIX_PACKAGE_PATH
This allows users to maintain their own package definitions, and make them
visible to the various user interfaces. See “Package Modules” in the manual.
*** ‘guix package’ better reports package upgrades
*** ‘guix package’ has a new ‘--switch-generation’ option
See “Invoking guix package” in the manual.
*** ‘guix-daemon’ has a new ‘--substitute-urls’ option
See “Invoking guix-daemon” in the manual.
** GNU distribution
*** The stand-alone operating system now supports Linux mapped devices
See “Mapped Devices” in the manual.
*** New fields in ‘operating-system’ declarations, better documentation
New fields include ‘hosts-file’, ‘mapped-devices’, and ‘swap-devices’.
See “operating-system Reference” in the manual.
*** New services: ‘dhcp-client-service’, ‘bitlbee-service’, ‘ntp-service’
See “Services” in the manual.
*** ‘grub-configuration’ declarations can now specify a theme
See “GRUB Configuration” in the manual.
*** The ‘base-initrd’ now has a different signature
Existing uses in ‘operating-system’ declarations need to be updated. See
“Initial RAM Disk” in the manual for details.
*** eudev is now used by default, instead of an old udev release
*** ‘guix system vm’ has a new ‘--full-boot’ option
See “Invoking guix system” in the manual.
*** The ‘file’ command is now part of the package build environment
Autoconf-generated ‘configure’ scripts for packages using Libtool use ‘file’
to determine the target ABI, notably on MIPS, hence this change.
*** Bootstrapping packages moved to (gnu packages commencement) modules
** Programming interfaces
*** New ‘ruby-build-system’, for Ruby packages
See “Build Systems” in the manual.
*** New ‘glib-or-gtk-build-system’, for packages using GLib schemas
See “Build Systems” in the manual.
*** ‘gnu-build-system’ has a new #:substitutable? parameter
This allows packagers to mark a package as requiring a local build, thus
preventing it from being substituted by a pre-built binary.
*** ‘cmake-build-system’ has a new #:build-type parameter
See “Build Systems” in the manual.
*** The ‘supported-systems’ field of packages is used more consistently
This allows packagers to prevent attempts to build a package on a given
architecture when that architecture is known not to be supported. The
‘package-transitive-supported-systems’ procedure returns the intersection of
the systems supported by the given package and by its dependencies.
*** The ‘wrap-program’ procedure can now be called multiple times
*** New ‘graft-derivations’ and ‘package-grafts’ procedures
They implement “grafts”, as described under “Security Updates” in the manual.
*** New “bag” intermediate representation for use by build systems
“Bags” are used internally as an intermediate representation between packages
and derivations. See “Build Systems” in the manual.
*** New (guix monad-repl) module, for monadic interaction at the REPL
See “The Store Monad” in the manual.
*** New (guix build emacs-utils) module, to facilitate building Emacs packages
*** New (guix tests) module, with tools used by the test suite
*** The internal ‘guix-register’ command now deduplicates files in store items
*** Several system modules moved from (guix build …) to (gnu build …)
Also, the (gnu build linux-boot) module has been introduced, with code
typically used by initial RAM disks when booting on GNU/Linux-libre.
*** (guix profiles) provides a representation of package transactions
This factorizes code between ‘guix package’ and the Emacs user interface.
** Native language support
** Bugs fixed
*** ‘guix-daemon’ now really deduplicates store items by default
Deduplication means that identical files found in /gnu/store are stored only
once, using hard links. This feature was wrongfully disabled, and is now
enabled by default. The former ‘--disable-store-optimization’ option has been
renamed to ‘--disable-deduplication’.
*** ‘guix-daemon’ no longer uses ‘vfork’
This could cause problems with ancient Linux kernel.
*** Fixed compilation of ‘gccgo’ (<>)
*** 'make clean' doesn't delete os-config.tmpl (<>)
*** Fix handling of periods by fill-paragraph (<>)
*** Produce a top-level Info 'dir' file (<>)
*** guix offload ignores unreachable machines (<>)
*** guix offload: Ignore EEXIST when registering a .drv as a GC root
*** perl-tk: Build sequentially (<>)
*** download: Use the 'SERVER NAME' TLS extension when possible
*** libdaemon: Add alternate source URLs (<>)
*** icu4c: Reinstate RUNPATH on shared libraries
*** nss-mdns: Add alternate source URLs (<>)
*** download: Add "Accept: */*" to the HTTP headers
*** guix-register: Do not attempt to create NIX_STORE_DIR
*** Allow Linux-libre to find our 'modprobe' command
*** man-pages: Build sequentially (<>)
*** Fix intermittent test failures involving GC (<>)
*** guix import: pypi: Gracefully handle non-existent packages
*** Make sure the shared library has the '.so' extension
*** pull: Use the build procedure provided by the newly-downloaded Guix.
* Changes in 0.7 (since 0.6)
** Package management
*** Binaries for mips64el-linux now available from