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#+TITLE: Hacking GNU Guix and its incredible distro
#+TITLE: Hacking GNU Guix and Its Incredible Distro

Copyright © 2012, 2013 Ludovic Courtès <>

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notice and this notice are preserved.

* Running Guix before it is installed

Command-line tools can be used even if you have not run "make install".
To do that, prefix each command with ‘./pre-inst-env’, as in:

./pre-inst-env guix-build --help

Similarly, for a Guile session using the Guix modules:

./pre-inst-env guile -c '(use-modules (guix utils)) (pk (%current-system))'

The ‘pre-inst-env’ script sets up all the environment variables
necessary to support this.

* Adding new packages

Package recipes in Guix look like this:
@@ -26,14 +40,14 @@ Package recipes in Guix look like this:
(build-system gnu-build-system)
(inputs `(("gnum4" ,gnum4)))
(inputs `(("m4" ,m4)))
(propagated-inputs `(("gmp" ,gmp)))
(synopsis "GNU Nettle, a cryptographic library")
"Nettle is a cryptographic library...")
(license "GPLv2+"))
(license gpl2+))

Such a recipe can be written by hand, and then tested by running