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Please send Guix bug reports to
* Changes in 0.7 (since 0.6)
** Package management
*** ‘guix refresh’ has a new ‘--list-dependent’ options
See “Invoking guix refresh” in the manual.
** Programming interfaces
*** New (guix gexp) module, which implements “G-expressions”
G-expressions are a new mechanism to embed build-side code in host-side
code. See “G-Expressions” in the manual.
*** (gnu system) and related modules now use G-expressions
This greatly simplifies code, and guarantees that build code carries
references to the packages or derivations it uses.
*** ‘build-expression->derivation’ is deprecated in favor of G-expressions
*** The (gnu system) module has been largely augmented and factorized
*** New (guix build vm) module, support for virtual machine images
*** New (guix build activation) module, for “system activation”
*** New (guix build syscalls) module
*** New (guix build install) and module for whole system installation
*** New (gnu system install) module, for the installation system
*** New (gnu system file-systems) module, for ‘file-system’ declarations
*** New (gnu) module, which aggregates common (gnu …) modules
*** ‘service’ records now have an optional ‘activate’ field
This allows services to specify code to run at system activation time.
** GNU distribution
*** An image to install the GNU system from a USB stick is provided
This is the first time an installation image is provided. See “System
Installation” in the manual for details. This is work in progress as noted
in “Limitations”. Your feedback and help are welcome!
*** Support for more parameters in ‘operating-system’ declarations
Operating system declarations can now provide a list of file systems, a list
of setuid programs, bootloader options, and more. See “System Configuration”
in the manual.
*** ‘guix system’ supports more actions
Newly supported actions are ‘init’, ‘build’, ‘reconfigure’, and ‘disk-image’.
See “Invoking guix system” in the manual.
*** User accounts and groups are created at system activation time
*** Virtual machine support uses para-virtualized devices
*** GCC package now has an additional ‘lib’ output, for run-time support libs
*** GLib package now has a separate “bin” output (<>)
*** XXX new packages
*** XXX package updates
** Native language support
*** New translations: de (German), and hu (Hungarian)
*** Updated translations: eo, pt_BR, sr, vi
*** Package descriptions moved from the ‘guix’ text domain to ‘guix-packages’
** Bugs fixed
*** Downloads are now faster (<>)
*** ‘guix authenticate’ properly writes signatures to stdout
*** Progress report of downloads is now properly displayed
*** Error reporting of pk-crypto errors has been improved
*** The 'patches' field now works for origins with no extension
*** Synchronization and GC issues fixed in the offload hook
*** (guix ftp-client) emits USER commands suitable for all servers
* Changes in 0.6 (since 0.5)
** Package management
*** Default store directory changed to /gnu/store