Mirror of GNU Guix
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#pragma once
#include "types.hh"
namespace nix {
/* Open (possibly create) a lock file and return the file descriptor.
-1 is returned if create is false and the lock could not be opened
because it doesn't exist. Any other error throws an exception. */
int openLockFile(const Path & path, bool create);
/* Delete an open lock file. */
void deleteLockFile(const Path & path, int fd);
enum LockType { ltRead, ltWrite, ltNone };
bool lockFile(int fd, LockType lockType, bool wait);
class PathLocks
typedef std::pair<int, Path> FDPair;
list<FDPair> fds;
bool deletePaths;
PathLocks(const PathSet & paths,
const string & waitMsg = "");
bool lockPaths(const PathSet & _paths,
const string & waitMsg = "",
bool wait = true);
void unlock();
void setDeletion(bool deletePaths);
bool pathIsLockedByMe(const Path & path);