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Efraim Flashner 76d726a77e
WIP kaleido
9 months ago
afnumpy.scm gn: Clean up afnumpy package definition 3 years ago
arrayfire.scm gn: clFFT: Update to 2.12.2. 3 years ago
bioinformatics.scm update pangenie 10 months ago
bnw.scm gn: bnw: Update to new upstream revision. 1 year ago
ccwl.scm gn: Add ccwl. 12 months ago
cran.scm fix typo 2 years ago
crates-io.scm gn: make sure we use the correct rust version 10 months ago
cwl.scm upstream cwltools and dependant packages 2 years ago
databases.scm Removed tls warning 10 months ago
dlang.scm ldc: build is fine; tests fail 11 months ago
edash.scm gn1: make run in a container 1 year ago
elixir.scm gn-server updates 5 years ago
file-systems.scm gn: lizardfs: Update package 2 years ago
gemma.scm gemma: bump to 0.98.5-pre 10 months ago
genenetwork.scm gn: Add r-wgcna, r-rjson to genenetwork3. 9 months ago
gitea.scm gn: Update gitea to 1.14.6. 11 months ago
gn-proxy.scm Moved racket 1 year ago
gnulib.scm gn: Add gnulib. 3 years ago
gtest.scm Guix moved zip to compression 5 years ago
helm.scm gn: Update kubernetes packages. 3 years ago
hyphy.scm gn: hyphy: Update to 2.5.0. 3 years ago
images.scm WIP kaleido 9 months ago
java.scm gn: Provide rtg.cfg for rtg-tools. 12 months ago
javascript.scm gn: javascript-font-awesome: Add "webfonts" directory 9 months ago
julia.scm gn: julia packaging updates, for upstreaming 9 months ago
jupyterhub.scm gn1: make run in a container 1 year ago
kubernetes.scm gn: Fix kubernetes phase order 3 years ago
lmm.scm Guix moved zip to compression 5 years ago
machine-learning.scm gn: Mark tensorflow-native as non-substitutable. 2 years ago
maths.scm gn: octave@3.4: Skip tests 2 years ago
node.scm code updates 11 months ago
opencl-icd-loader.scm replace libjpeg with libjpeg-turbo 2 years ago
openfyba.scm gn: openfbya: Clean up package. 3 years ago
pangenome.scm Moved packages into past/genenetwork1 and packages/pangenome to reduce chance of 10 months ago
perl.scm Added package for logtodo 5 years ago
phewas.scm Using trunk qvalue 3 years ago
php.scm Removed tls to remove warnings 10 months ago
python.scm gn: Add python-flask-debugtoolbar. 10 months ago
python24.scm gn: Use known good binary version of for genenetwork1 9 months ago
r-shiny.scm gn: Deprecate r-shiny-gn. 3 years ago
ratspub.scm gn: update genecup to 1.6. 10 months ago
ruby.scm Add ruby-mustermann 1 year ago
sambamba.scm shunit2: rename to shunit2-old, so as not to conflict with upstream 11 months ago
shell.scm shunit2: rename to shunit2-old, so as not to conflict with upstream 11 months ago
statistics.scm upstream some packages 2 years ago
tcl.scm Updating packages 5 years ago
traefik.scm gn: Add traefik 3 years ago
twint.scm gn: python-twint: Patch Token class in order to get refreshTokens 2 years ago
web.scm gn: Upstream httpd22-mod-python-24 to guix-past. 2 years ago
yaj.scm gemma-gn2: updated to latest 2 years ago