This repo contains the files used to run shepherd services.
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(define test-upgrade
(make <service>
#:provides '(test-upgrade)
#:docstring "Build all the services to make sure they work on an upgrade"
#:start (make-forkexec-constructor
;; First attempt to build all the packages and only afterward attempt to build the containers.
;(when (zero? (system*
'("guix" "build"
"-L" "/home/shepherd/guix-bioinformatics"
"-L" "/home/shepherd/guix-past/modules"
"genenetwork1" "httpd22-with-mod-python"
;"bnw" octave-3.4.3 FTBFS
;(zero? (system* "guix" "system" "-L" "/home/shepherd/guix-bioinformatics"
; "container" "/home/shepherd/guix-bioinformatics/gn/services/bnw-container.scm"
; "--share=/home/shepherd/logs/bnw-server=/var/log" "--network")))
#:log-file "/home/shepherd/logs/test-upgrade.log")
#:one-shot? #t))
(register-services test-upgrade)