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Use per-service guix profiles

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@@ -18,3 +18,6 @@ $ herd load root .config/shepherd/init.d/bar.scm
The second command will load the code in `bar.scm` into `shepherd`, and if the service is configured to start automatically at startup it will start immediately. This process should not affect the other running services.

To use shepherd's herd command, assuming you have permissions granted in /etc/sudoers, the command is 'sudo -u shepherd /home/shepherd/.guix-profile/bin/herd status'. Adding a bash alias, such as "alias herd-herd='sudo -u shepherd /home/shepherd/.guix-profile/bin/herd'", will make it easier to interact with shepherd without needing to switch to the shepherd user. The logs for the various shepherd services are located in /home/shepherd/logs/ but are not yet timestamped. The log for shepherd itself is in /home/shepherd/.config/shepherd/shepherd.log. There is not yet a way to change this from a config file.

*Per service Guix profiles*
Each service gets its own guix profile. This us to upgrade each service individually. If a specialized channel is needed then the command would be `guix pull --channels=/path/to/channels/file --profile=/path/to/profile`

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@@ -0,0 +1,6 @@
(name 'gn-bioinformatics)
(url "")
(branch "master"))