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Some docs on defining new resource types

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The query is defined in the same module as dataset-geno, as the
function ~select-publish~. The query result is transformed into
a JSON array, with SQL nulls replaced by JSON nulls.

** Defining new resource types
To define a new resource type, the ~resource-types~ hash in
~resource.rkt~ must be extended with an entry mapping the new resource
type name (as a symbol) to the corresponding action set.

An action set is a hash of action "branches", which are alists that
map the name of each action (as a string) to the corresponding
~action~. An ~action~ is a value of the ~action~ struct, defined in
~privileges.rkt~, and is a function of two arguments, along with the
names of any additional parameters that need to be provided by the
user (e.g. in the request to the REST endpoint).

It's probably best to just look at how one of the existing resource
types are defined, and ~dataset-geno~ is one of the simplest, while
still querying the SQL database.