Dump genenetwork database
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dump-genenetwork-database-tests CIbadge dump-genenetwork-database CIbadge

The GeneNetwork database is being migrated from a relational database to a plain text and RDF database. This repository contains code to dump the relational database to plain text.


Drop into a development environment with

$ guix shell

Build the sources.

$ make

Describe the database connection parameters in a file conn.scm file as shown below. Take care to replace the placeholders within angle brackets with the appropriate values.

((sql-username . "<sql-username-here>")
 (sql-password . "<sql-password-here>")
 (sql-database . "<sql-database-name-here>")
 (sql-host . "<sql-hostname-here>")
 (sql-port . <sql-port-here>)
 (virtuoso-port . <virtuoso-port-here>)
 (virtuoso-username . "<virtuoso-username-here>")
 (virtuoso-password . "<virtuoso-password-here>")
 (sparql-scheme . <sparql-endpoint-scheme-here>)
 (sparql-host . "<sparql-endpoint-hostname-here>")
 (sparql-port . <sparql-endpoint-port-here>))

Then, to dump the database to ~/data/dump, run

$ ./pre-inst-env ./dump.scm conn.scm ~/data/dump

Make sure there is enough free space! It's best to dump the database on penguin2 where disk space and bandwidth are not significant constraints.

Then, validate the dumped RDF using rapper and load it into virtuoso. This will load the dumped RDF into the http://genenetwork.org graph, and will delete all pre-existing data in that graph.

$ rapper --input turtle --count ~/data/dump/dump.ttl
$ ./pre-inst-env ./load-rdf.scm conn.scm ~/data/dump/dump.ttl

Now, you may query virtuoso to visualize the SQL and RDF schema.

$ ./pre-inst-env ./visualize-schema.scm conn.scm

This will output graphviz dot files sql.dot and rdf.dot describing the schema. Render them into SVG images like so.

$ dot -Tsvg -osql.svg sql.dot
$ dot -Tsvg -ordf.svg rdf.dot

Or, peruse them interactively with xdot.

$ xdot sql.dot
$ xdot rdf.dot

The dump-genenetwork-database continuous integration job runs these steps on every commit and publishes its version of sql.svg and rdf.svg.


See bugs and tasks in BUGS.org.