Dump genenetwork database
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The GeneNetwork database is being migrated from a relational database to a plain text and RDF database. This repository contains code to dump the relational database to plain text.


Drop into a development environment with

  $ guix shell -m guix.scm

Describe the database connection parameters in a file conn.scm file as shown below. Take care to replace the placeholders within angle brackets with the appropriate values.

  ((username . "<username-here>")
   (password . "<password-here>")
   (database . "<database-name-here>")
   (host . "<hostname-here>")
   (port . <port-here>))

Then, to dump the database, run

  $ ./pre-inst-env ./dump.scm

The database will be dumped to ~/data/dump/. Make sure there is enough free space! It's best to dump the database on penguin2 where disk space and bandwidth are not significant constraints.


See bugs and tasks in BUGS.org.