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Mario Daniel Ruiz Saavedra ad227484c3 Add 'guix-daemon.conf' job for Upstart. 5 years ago
images services: Add 'profile-service-type'. 5 years ago
contributing.texi doc: Mention 'guix environment guix'. 5 years ago
emacs.texi emacs: Enable 'guix-build-log-minor-mode' in shell buffers. 5 years ago
environment-gdb.scm doc: Add 'guix environment' examples. 5 years ago
fdl-1.3.texi doc: Add the stub of a manual. 8 years ago
guix.texi Add 'guix-daemon.conf' job for Upstart. 5 years ago
package-hello.scm doc: Use the recommended Scheme format. 5 years ago