32636 Commits (ea0a06cee2ba05451f94714a4f913db02efbe92c)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Ludovic Courtès ea0a06cee2
Remove 'guix-register' and its traces. 2 years ago
  Ludovic Courtès df2f6400b1
store: Remove 'register-path'. 2 years ago
  Ludovic Courtès eb9fe97495
database: Allow for deterministic database construction. 2 years ago
  Ludovic Courtès 078c2329c0
install: Use 'reset-timestamps' from (guix store database). 2 years ago
  Ludovic Courtès 31a63be878
database: Add 'register-items'. 2 years ago
  Ludovic Courtès ef1297e8c7
database: 'sqlite-register' takes a database, not a file name. 2 years ago
  Ludovic Courtès c45477d2a1
install: Use (guix store database) instead of 'guix-register'. 2 years ago
  Ludovic Courtès be43c08b17
vm: 'expression->derivation-in-linux-vm' code can now use dlopen. 2 years ago
  Ludovic Courtès 49c393ccaa
database: 'reset-timestamps' sets file permissions as well. 2 years ago
  Ludovic Courtès 122a6cad7d
database: Replace existing entries in Refs. 2 years ago
  Ludovic Courtès 4bd86f0d62
database: Add #:reset-timestamps? to 'register-path'. 2 years ago
  Ludovic Courtès b85e2ff484
database: Remove extra SQL parameter in 'update-or-insert'. 2 years ago
  Ludovic Courtès 0d0438ed8c
deduplicate: Fix a couple of thinkos. 2 years ago
  Ludovic Courtès 866ee8c66a
database: 'register-path' creates the database directory if needed. 2 years ago
  Ludovic Courtès 33fddb763a
database: Provide a way to specify the schema location. 2 years ago
  Ludovic Courtès c5a2e1ffcb
build: Require Guile-SQLite3. 2 years ago
  Ludovic Courtès 6892f0a247
store-copy: 'read-reference-graph' returns a list of records. 2 years ago
  Ludovic Courtès f8f9f7cabc
database: Fail registration when encountering unregistered references. 2 years ago
  Ludovic Courtès 3931c76154
database: 'with-database' can now initialize new databases. 2 years ago
  Efraim Flashner 03439df66f
gnu: libgcrypt: Fix CVE-2018-0495. 2 years ago
  Clément Lassieur 85d79a79e4
gnu: Add python-dns-lexicon. 2 years ago
  Clément Lassieur b863b50d80
gnu: Add python-pynamecheap. 2 years ago
  Clément Lassieur f4adbe7405
gnu: Add python-tldextract. 2 years ago
  Clément Lassieur 0dc572380b
gnu: Add python-requests-file. 2 years ago
  Arun Isaac 40c1b61aac
gnu: Add tmate. 2 years ago
  Tobias Geerinckx-Rice 0975ca3fd4
services: tor: Mark end of auto-generated configuration block. 2 years ago
  Tobias Geerinckx-Rice 0b5c16c07f
Fix typo in (gnu packages gtk) header. 2 years ago
  Tobias Geerinckx-Rice b262aba733
gnu: python-gnupg: Return #t from phase. 2 years ago
  Tobias Geerinckx-Rice ff76a1e9ca
gnu: python-gnupg: Update to 0.4.3. 2 years ago
  Tobias Geerinckx-Rice 2b78360138
gnu: sssd: Update to 1.16.2. 2 years ago
  Ludovic Courtès e2f8be0664
pull: Add '--list-generations'. 2 years ago
  Ricardo Wurmus 844cc1c8f3
gnu: pigx-scrnaseq: Update to 0.0.5. 2 years ago
  Nicolas Goaziou 4bf474b243
gnu: emacs-orgalist: Update to 1.8. 2 years ago
  Kei Kebreau 935cb931b5
gnu: emacspeak: Update to 48.0. 2 years ago
  Julien Lepiller 8c655f31db
nls: Update 'fr' translation. 2 years ago
  Ricardo Wurmus 6ccd88e8cb
gnu: r-factoextra: Fix syntax error. 2 years ago
  Ricardo Wurmus 13b8dcf589
gnu: r-seurat: Update to 2.3.2. 2 years ago
  Ricardo Wurmus 5b2a339e19
gnu: r-s4vectors: Update to 0.18.3. 2 years ago
  Ricardo Wurmus 5b730eba3e
gnu: r-biocviews: Update to 1.48.1. 2 years ago
  Ricardo Wurmus c812f46817
gnu: r-rjson: Update to 0.2.20. 2 years ago
  Ricardo Wurmus 242ffd6c80
gnu: r-zoo: Update to 1.8-2. 2 years ago
  Ricardo Wurmus 6221de1879
gnu: r-rmarkdown: Update to 1.10. 2 years ago
  Ricardo Wurmus d086829d39
gnu: r-highr: Update to 0.7. 2 years ago
  Ricardo Wurmus 26a53dd957
gnu: r-stringi: Update to 1.2.3. 2 years ago
  Ricardo Wurmus 3399dc97fc
gnu: r-munsell: Update to 0.5.0. 2 years ago
  Ricardo Wurmus 0357db53c8
gnu: r-rgooglemaps: Update to 1.4.2. 2 years ago
  Ricardo Wurmus 1df9a0cf47
gnu: r-reticulate: Update to 1.8. 2 years ago
  Ricardo Wurmus fa7236f1b3
gnu: r-later: Update to 0.7.3. 2 years ago
  Ricardo Wurmus 36dc359186
gnu: r-radiant-data: Update to 0.9.5. 2 years ago
  Ricardo Wurmus 014818b691
gnu: r-cubature: Update to 1.3-13. 2 years ago