17641 Commits (557d9c8d7a843bf06e75b4e1a742654ccf951fa3)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Ludovic Courtès 557d9c8d7a
etc: Support indentation of whole files. 4 years ago
  Ludovic Courtès 608a50b66c
http-client: Provide 'User-Agent' header by default. 4 years ago
  Ludovic Courtès 4cd5ec801b
import: github: Fix regression on the /releases retrieval. 4 years ago
  Ludovic Courtès 6d30b1b2ca
ui: Wrap 'canonicalize-path' for better error reporting. 4 years ago
  Ludovic Courtès e7ff05438f
ui: Factorize error-reporting wrapper code. 4 years ago
  Raoul Jean Pierre Bonnal ce195ba122
gnu: Add perl-parallel-forkmanager. 4 years ago
  Mark H Weaver 692e05e293
gnu: linux-libre: Update to 4.9.3. 4 years ago
  John Darrington 79728b621b
gnu: xfig: Correct typographic error. 4 years ago
  John Darrington 7d35462923
gnu: aqbanking: Update source hash. 4 years ago
  Efraim Flashner f66b3e1523
gnu: qtxmlpatterns: Skip network tests. 4 years ago
  Efraim Flashner c195b5ba98
gnu: qtsvg: Build tests by default. 4 years ago
  Efraim Flashner a69945a78d
gnu: Add qtdatavis3d. 4 years ago
  Efraim Flashner 68bbe14b15
gnu: Add qtcharts. 4 years ago
  Efraim Flashner 173b54b994
gnu: Add qtcanvas3d. 4 years ago
  Efraim Flashner de5e018057
gnu: Add qtpurchasing. 4 years ago
  Efraim Flashner 56cd88fd3c
gnu: Add qtscxml. 4 years ago
  Efraim Flashner 51519fd3fc
gnu: Add qtgamepad. 4 years ago
  Efraim Flashner a98ffab5ca
gnu: Add qtserialbus. 4 years ago
  Efraim Flashner 843bdfb77e
gnu: Add qtdeclarative-render2d. 4 years ago
  Tobias Geerinckx-Rice 5bb9dbc0a8
gnu: nano: Update to 2.7.4. 4 years ago
  Ludovic Courtès 4cdff6ae37
challenge: Use a warning when substitutes are lacking. 4 years ago
  Mark H Weaver 08b98ae8d3
gnu: linux-libre@4.4: Update to 4.4.42. 4 years ago
  John Darrington 60bc300680
gnu: Add twm. 4 years ago
  John Darrington 6ea1523ac8
gnu: Add xmag. 4 years ago
  John Darrington f50fff693b
gnu: Add xmessage. 4 years ago
  Danny Milosavljevic 9a443cf90d
gnu: xonsh: Update to 0.5.2. 4 years ago
  Tobias Geerinckx-Rice d9cf11e0f0
gnu: miniupnpc: Update to 2.0.20161216. 4 years ago
  Tobias Geerinckx-Rice cd7caa3ee2
gnu: mcelog: Update to 147. 4 years ago
  John Darrington 97fedab17d
gnu: xfig: Remove wrapper and clean up implementation. 4 years ago
  John Darrington 0eefac0f2f
gnu: xfig: Use modify-phases. 4 years ago
  John Darrington 5aae77e44b
gnu: xfd: Remove wrapper. 4 years ago
  John Darrington 73ae4e69a1
gnu: editres: Use %app-defaults-dir. 4 years ago
  John Darrington 5dc8dd07b0
gnu: xfontsel: Simplify definition. 4 years ago
  Christopher Baines 67cadaca47
services: Add 'redis-service-type'. 4 years ago
  Danny Milosavljevic 35c99a1fa0
gnu: ghc-semigroups: Update to 0.18.2. 4 years ago
  Danny Milosavljevic 9076281529
gnu: Add ghc-wave. 4 years ago
  Danny Milosavljevic ff26453601
gnu: ghc-quickcheck: Update to 2.8.2. 4 years ago
  Roel Janssen ac1f1e4e02
gnu: Add r-ggthemes. 4 years ago
  Ludovic Courtès 409c573322
build: Remove reference to 'doc/emacs.texi'. 4 years ago
  Ludovic Courtès 7bb2b10cd0
etc: Add 'indent-package.el' script. 4 years ago
  Ludovic Courtès a91740655c
gnu: guix: Update development snapshot. 4 years ago
  Ludovic Courtès e5d861f305
gnu: eudev: Add 'eudev-with-hwdb' variant that contains 'hwdb.bin'. 4 years ago
  Roel Janssen c5173d74d6
gnu: Add r-txdb-mmusculus-ucsc-mm10-knowngene. 4 years ago
  Leo Famulari eefd042e60
gnu: bind: Update to 9.10.4-P5 [fixes CVE-2016-{9131,9147,9444}]. 4 years ago
  Leo Famulari 639168dde2
gnu: isc-dhcp: Update bundled bind to 9.9.9-P5 [security fixes]. 4 years ago
  Ludovic Courtès 5c3d6c1da8
gnu: fprintd: Provide the right file name for 'fprintd.conf'. 4 years ago
  Ludovic Courtès 26ab00a0a9
perform-download: Add backward-compatible case. 4 years ago
  Ludovic Courtès aaa2581b61
gnu: abiword: Remove timestamps from libabiword. 4 years ago
  Ludovic Courtès 89b99531c2
gnu: abiword: Allow GTK+ schemas to be found. 4 years ago
  Danny Milosavljevic 8d67610bdc
gnu: Add python2-cheetah 4 years ago