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maint: Provide the configuration file in the VM image.

This fixes a bug introduced in 362bcdb1b0
whereby the VM image would no longer contain /etc/config.scm, contrary
to what the manual says.

Reported by dbdude on #guix.

* (release): Pass '--save-provenance' to 'guix system
* doc/guix.texi (Running Guix in a VM): Adjust file name accordingly.
Ludovic Courtès il y a 5 mois
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@@ -818,6 +818,7 @@ release: dist-with-updated-version
for system in $(GUIX_SYSTEM_VM_SYSTEMS) ; do \
image=`$(top_builddir)/pre-inst-env \
guix system vm-image $(GUIX_SYSTEM_VM_IMAGE_FLAGS) \
--save-provenance \
--system=$$system --fallback \
gnu/system/examples/vm-image.tmpl` ; \
if [ ! -f "$$image" ] ; then \

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@@ -27252,7 +27252,8 @@ This image boots the Xfce graphical environment and it contains some
commonly-used tools. You can install more software in the image by running
@command{guix package} in a terminal (@pxref{Invoking guix package}). You can
also reconfigure the system based on its initial configuration file available
as @file{/etc/config.scm} (@pxref{Using the Configuration System}).
as @file{/run/current-system/configuration.scm} (@pxref{Using the
Configuration System}).

Instead of using this pre-built image, one can also build their own virtual
machine image using @command{guix system vm-image} (@pxref{Invoking guix